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Christian HATE - NOT - Christian LOVE.

When you read a ton of articles about what is going on in the United States you realise just by seeing the headline and how many Christian groups are actually HATE GROUPS who seem to assume they have the right to wish people dead, call for the death penalty for gays and so much more - and if this is being a Christian, then clearly the last 2,000 years of mass murder and genoicide at the hands of the church, is far from over yet.
In history we can blame ignorance - In present day we can blame - er - ignorance. Despite the fact that we now have education, the internet, and a billion places to garner more insights, more truths, more information and NOT remain ignorant :- So do Christians decide to believe the clap trap they do out
of ignorance - or out of choice - as if by choice then they are not Christians at all but evil trouble makers masquarading as Christians and hiding behind the mantle of being a Christian but really they are far from any good and decent belief structure but their own damning verson, damning anything they personally do not like and claiming it is in the name of Jesus. What fucking evil crap is that.


Trump worshipping pastor says God answered his prayer to kill Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Christian extremists are celebrating Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death

Describing Ginsburg as a “Jewish princess” and “mass-murdering hag,” religious activists are celebrating the “moment we have been waiting for.”

Christian group’s leaked texts call for hanging gays “in a loving way”

The Christian group’s messages have been referred to police as the governor tells “both sides” to stop using inflammatory rhetoric.

Christian Kroger employees sue for being forced to wear a heart on their uniform. They say it’s gay.

They claim that the red and yellow heart supports the “sin” of being LGBTQ and violates “a sincerely held religious belief.”

Conservative Christians are “highly offended” by Dole’s new lesbian “fruit bowl” ad

An organization is asking followers to boycott Dole because the ads contain “foul language, a liberal agenda, and sexual innuendos.”


It saddens me that in this 21st century there are so many - so many - fools, morons, ignorant to the truth- people walking and voting amongst us that we really do not stand a chance of evolving as long as these neanderthold continue to breed.

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