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How do I get someone to stop yelling at me?

How do I get someone to stop yelling at me?

This is a psychological trick which is bound to work everytime.

A friend of mine did this once and I was astounded how quickly it worked.

Usually, when someone start yelling at you, they won't stop until they eventually finish their ridiculous rant.

Don't bother trying to calmly explain anything to them because any interruptions to their rant will cause them to carry on longer (believe me).

Let them yell, but as they're yelling, do this:

  1. Point to your tooth/teeth whilst saying “excuse me” and looking directly at them.

  2. They're probably still yelling, but slowly losing focus. Proceed with “You have something here…”

  3. Still yelling. Carry on: “ Sorry Ma'am/Sir, you have something in your teeth.'




  1. Look at their nose and say 'excuse me'

  2. Proceed with ' You have something you need to wipe away on your nose, a bogey...'

Yeller is now caught off guard.

They're embarrassed and have lost focus.

Nothing will give them the courage to carry on yelling at you.

Technically, you were polite and considerate to let them know that they had “something” in their teeth.

Try this at your own risk. I cannot account for how they may react.

I can guarantee that they will stop yelling, though.


What do you say when some straight man you have been eyeing up in Tesco with his wife, comes over and agressively asks you

'You keep staring at me mate, Do I know you or something.'

This happened with a friend some years ago and the man he was cruising was about his own age and he answered as quick as a flash -

'Funny you should say that because you do look familiar. '

The guys had asked if HE knew HIM...

'Did you ever go out with my sister, Sarah Whatever a few years ago - She had a boyfriend who looked just like you ?' The guys fumbled that No, he didn't know a Sarah Whatever and smiled and said ' Oh okay mate,. Sorry to bother you.'

and left.

We patted our friend on the back for getting out of a very tricky situation.


Do you have little things like this to share ?

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