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Male Nudes September 27th 2020

Next week will be October 2020. 12 weeks until Christmas. We all know how fast that time goes and if this winter is spent in more lockdowns / quarantine periods, and if we are at home a lot with bad cold weather outside, how about snuggling up with one of the men below - or a couple come to that - and hybernating the winter with that person all cosy and warm.

Or even come to Hamilton Hall and enjoy a warm and cosy weekend with a hotel of other safe naked gay men

From your comments the vast majority like the hairy men best.

Building our back patio at Hamilton Hall last year - wishful thinking...

Burning Man

Sexy fucka...

Would you stop ???

Now there's a BIG BOY....

Love his hairy legs

Fuller figure is still attractive.

Small - Medium, Large. Oh My God.....


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