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Receiving a phone call after more than 20 years from a cult looking for members, was astonishing in its thoughtlessness.

John Bellamy explains.

I have been at Hamilton Hall for over 20 years.

Prior to that, I was temporarily staying with my brother and his wife and chidren for 5 months and because I did not have a mobile phone, gave my brothers phone number to get hold of me on.

Prior to that I was living in London.

This week I get a call from my brother saying someone had called for John Bellamy ( me ) on his home phone number, and we were both absolutely gob smacked as we had no idea who this was.

I phoned the number back and asked for Oleg and it turns out he had been given numbers to ring by the Church of Scientologists in London - as I had enquired about the COS way way way back when I had given my brothers phone number as I had no phone - and OVER 20 YEARS LATER THEY FOLLOWED UP ON THE CALL.

There is no way I wanted to be a member of this cult, - I was just making enquiries for an article I was writing, but to call back 20 years later - was disgraceful.

I told the man that the person he wanted was dead and that by calling like this - out of the blue - was cruel, thoughtless, insensitive and absurd, as after 20 years, many on their list of phone numbers will be dead and if you start phoning their relatives and asking for them, then they will, and have, caused great distress and possible heartache for many.

This coming from a church.

I claimed the family was really upset by his call and asked him .... ' So what do you say.'

and he immediately - and rightly - he apologised - which was more than I was expecting.

So the Church of Scientologists have outdated material they use to get members interested. Decades have passed. Much has changed in the world. Scientology is known widely as a strange cult all based around aliens and strange stuff damning LGBTQ and anyone who does not exactly fit - and while we all suspect ( know ) that Tom Cruise is gay and yet a Scientologist, he brings milliions of $ of income for them, so he is one of their poster boys.

Same goes for John Travolta. Another poster boy for the COS and another man who has a dubious reputation for using gay male sex workers.

So it seems the church doesn't mind as long as you are wealthy and famous.

Such hypocricy. Such lies. Such bullshit and such double standards, but then - are we talking about the Church of Rome here - The Vatican - or any of the religions that are all basically brain washing cults, as if you are rich and famous and loaded - any religion and any fear based group and any cult will accept you, as loing as you bring loads of dosh with you.

Any group - Any organisation - Any religion - Any corporation and any thing that damns LGBTQ - Woman - Blacks - Asians - Jews - Muslims - Disabled - or anything that does not conform to their way of seeing things - to their way of reading things and fpor their way of viewing humanity and WORTHY & UNWORTHY - is not worth my time and effort and I will do all I can to expose. Too many are hurt. Too many are damned. Too many turn to suicide and too many lives destroyed by crap like this - and those whth less balls - those looking for strength in others and support, those needing something as they feel insecure - are fodder for these cults - and anyone with a strong mind, can see and hear and feel - how dangerous these groups are.

John Bellamy ---------------------------------


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