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Shaved Balls V Hairy Balls.

Smooth or hairy balls - that is todays topic.

I have shaved my balls for decades. ( picture below ) and when it was suggested to me - I could not see the point but after this friend trimmed me up and I saw the difference, I was hooked. Although I adore hairy people - I do like a nicely trimmed and tidied up pubic area and the balls shaved, as when working on balls, it saves getting all those hairs in your teeth and is much nicer.

Since sending out a Blog last week asking you all if you prefer hairy or smooth, the answer was clearly hairy - as more responded concerning the hairy bodies on display than the smooth.

So that got me thinking - Do you prefer naturally hairy, or shaved smooth, balls - and do you trim our pubes ?

Hairy Balls Above. Some are still sexy while some - like the blond hair, is just a mess, not attractive and in need of some personal grooming.

Shaved Balls below are much easier on the eye.