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Shaved Balls V Hairy Balls.

Smooth or hairy balls - that is todays topic.

I have shaved my balls for decades. ( picture below ) and when it was suggested to me - I could not see the point but after this friend trimmed me up and I saw the difference, I was hooked. Although I adore hairy people - I do like a nicely trimmed and tidied up pubic area and the balls shaved, as when working on balls, it saves getting all those hairs in your teeth and is much nicer.

Since sending out a Blog last week asking you all if you prefer hairy or smooth, the answer was clearly hairy - as more responded concerning the hairy bodies on display than the smooth.

So that got me thinking - Do you prefer naturally hairy, or shaved smooth, balls - and do you trim our pubes ?

Hairy Balls Above. Some are still sexy while some - like the blond hair, is just a mess, not attractive and in need of some personal grooming.

Shaved Balls below are much easier on the eye.

Don't feel despondant if you do not have dangley balls like the guys here, I have picked these low hangers deliberately as they are a fine example of shaved balls and how much tidier they look and feel.

Shaved balls and trimmed pubic hair also makes your dick look bigger.

It is also cleaner and easier to keep tidy.

So which do you prefer - Smooth / Shaved or Hairy / Natural.

Do you wear straps on your balls, like me ?


Borrowed this picture below from last weeks Blog as I had so much response from you guys concerning his balls - so here he is again.


Hi John

Re hairy v shaven balls

Has to be smooth all the time for me! Makes them so much more enjoyable to suck. Saying that, yours look like a challenge to suck, wow how low do they hang! Nice looking arse too.

Your weekly emails always brighten up Sunday’s, especially now the weather has turned.

Love to you both you and David, I hope you’re both well.

Take care

L x

I am very strongly in favour of shaved. I used to keep my cock and balls shaved until I has prostate cancer, a prostatectomy, no erections and incontinence. The incontinence was solved by an AUD, but it is very difficult to keep my balls shaved with a big lump of plastic in my scrotum. I also used to love stretching my balls (though I never had the success you have). Now stretching is out of the question – the pipe work gets in the way. And shaving is less attractive because no one wants to play with a hairy floppy drippy willy.

Two messages. FIRST Guys. Get your PSA level checked regularly. It may not be a perfect test, but it gives a clue. SECOND. If you end up after prostatectomy, you may find it less easy to keep your cock and balls shaved as there is often incontinence or no erection. And who wants to play with a floppy hairy drippy willy....

I’m happy is you post that with my name and pics if you think anyone might be interested.



Hi John,

Thank you for your blog it made me chuckle.

If you can would you use your blog to remind all men of a certain age (50+) that they should get their prostate checked by their doctor. It is a simple 5ml blood sample with possible DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) which I know may be unpleasant but is well worth the trouble and only takes 5 mins. Prostatic cancel is the biggest killer of men over 50 but if detected early can be treated. I am speaking from personal experience do not brush early signs as an age thing and leave it until it is too late. Please, Please, Please get it checked.

Kind regards


Hello John

I hope you are fit and healthy.

I just got myself in to a spot of bother reading your blog.

Your topic on shaved and unshaved balls is very interesting. The picture of your arse and balls was on the screen and my wife came in the room.

She asked me what I was reading with a shocked look on her face lol.

She said that’s bloody risky, you could cut your balls off!! She must be thinking of cut-throat razor days.

My reply was. So you must have a big hairy pussy, not a Brazilian!! None of your fucking business. I, LMFAO.