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76% of LGBTQ people are voting for Joe Biden but only 17% support Donald Trump

76% of LGBTQ adults support Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election, while only 17% support Donald Trump

LGBTQ people also like Kamala Harris a lot more than Mike Pence, the poll found.

Read the story on LGBTQ Nation HERE

A poll commissioned by GLAAD found that -

76% of LGBTQ adults support Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election, while only 17% support Donald Trump.

The poll also found that LGBTQ people have a more favorable opinion of the Democratic candidate, with 57% saying they have a favorable opinion of Biden and only 16% saying the same of Trump. Kamala Harris also had a higher favorability rating compared to Mike Pence, getting support from 50% of LGBTQ people to Pence’s 16%.

Trump tweets it’s his “great honor” to be the “most pro-gay president in American history”

GLAAD said that they were motivated to commission the poll after the gay app Hornet released the results of an unscientific web poll that found that 45% of queer men planned to vote for Trump. That poll was touted by Fox News and Trump himself – as well as many of his supporters – as proof that he had support from LGBTQ people.

“In contradiction to unscientific polling released by another entity, this survey shows Biden holding a substantial lead among LGBTQ voters of all sexual orientations and gender identities, including those who identify as gay men,” Pathfinder Opinion Research, which conducted the poll, wrote in a summary of the poll’s results.

The poll found that 79% of gay men said they were going to vote for Biden and only 17% said they will vote for Trump.

“The poll should put to rest the misinformation from unreliable sources about where critical LGBTQ voters stand in this election, misinformation that’s unfortunately been repeated in the media,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

The poll also found that 88% of LGBTQ people are registered to vote and 81% said that they’re more motivated to vote than in previous elections. Among the registered voters, 92% said that they’re likely to vote.

The poll was conducted from September 21 to 25 and included 800 adults who identified as LGBTQ in some way. The results were weighted by gender, age, race, education, and geographic region using data previously collected by the Williams Institute.

John Bellamy Comments:

The LGBTQ Community is not stupid. We have fought hard against tyranny, bigotry, hatred and fear for centuries and we are somewhat adapt at recognising hatred dressed up and friendship - and we know hate when we see it however it may be smiling and we smell the fear even though covered in perfume and most of all, we can see from a mile off when someone is bullshitting us and trying to destroy what we have been generations to build. The LGBTQ community is not blind, it is not deaf, it is not stupid and it is not easily fooled.

Donald Trump had better start getting up a lot earlier in the afternoon if he thinks we are going to be fooled by lies lies and more lies.

We see you Donald and despite your fat and grotesque appearance, we can see right through you.

It beggars belief when Trump claims ,it’s his “great honor” to be the “most pro-gay president in American history” when clearly the man is competely dellusional.

When you repeat a lie often enough, you personally start to believe it and so do others. Re[eat that lie constantly and it does become the truth - to some. Claiming absolute bollocks as a truth beggars belief and anyone who believes that Trump is very pro LGBTQ is sufferinjg some kind of moronic breakdown as clearly, Trump is NOT LGBTQ Friendly.

He has done more to destroy the good work done for the LGBTQ Community in law in the USA than any other president. Destroying Trans rights. Allowing for discrimination against them.

How is that doing good for them ?

Trump clearly - for all the world to see - is:-

Unfriendly to Mexicans

Unfriendly to Muslims

Unfriendly to foreigh countries

Unfriendly towards the media

Unfriendly towards THE TRUTH

Unfriendly towards anyone of colour

Unfriendly to authority

Unfriendly to anyone who speaks against him

Unfriendly to anyone with Covid 19

Unfriendly to the realities of every day life for billions if people

Unfriendly to the tax man

Unfriendly to reason

Unfriendly of paying what he owes

Unfriendly to common decency and good behaviour.

Scared shitless of Putin

Scared shitless of the media

Scares shitless of people of colour

Scared shitless of foreigh countries

Scared shitless of THE TRUTH

Scared shitless of the IRA

Scared shitless of authority

Scared shitless of Muslims

Scared shitless of Mexicans

Scared shtless of loosing power

Scared shitless of the military and the FBI who can oust him.

Scared shitless of Biden who he bullies out of fear

Scared shitless of anyone who opposes him

Scared shitless of women - any abuser is.

Scared shitless of paying his taxes owed.

Scared shitless of decent behaviour and decency.

Here is Trump and it looks as if he is crying for his Mommy to come and help him...

Scared shitless of being 'outed' as just another bigoted white supremist asshole

Scared shitless of loosing MASSIVELY in the next election and becoming a byword in history.

Scared shitless of being invisible.

Scared shitless for being seen for exactly what he is under the bullies bluster

Scared shitless we may see him for the petulant, spoiled brat of a child throwing his toys out of the pram when he does not get EVERYTHING his own way and scared shitless of being ignored.

Your comments are as always - invited.

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