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October Forecast by Gary O'Toole

October Forecast

The month begins with a full Moon in Pisces on Oct 1, before Mars re-enters the sign in retrograde motion, moving back from the more directed and forceful Aries to a mysterious and seemingly contradictory sign. It may feel as if we are swimming backwards against something that is bigger than us as individuals.

This is further intensified by Saturn's station direct, and its slow turnaround, making things feel, well, slow. Saturn's strength = lockdown. Pluto stations direct on Oct 4, at the same degree it met with Saturn at the very beginning of the year, teetering on the edge of some new order. Mercury stations retrograde on Oct 14 and is joined by the Sun in sidereal Libra on Oct 17. This shows a need to review finances and relations, requiring more support and compromise than may be available. ​ ​Venus enters Virgo on Oct 23, where we may feel more critical and unappreciated. Make sure to enjoy Venus in Leo before then. This is really one last blowout before the fall. Jupiter comes closer to Pluto throughout the month. When added to Venus' weaker position in Virgo by the end of the month, we may see the economy in freefall and the general mood take a nosedive. ​ There is a second full Moon in the month, on Oct 31. This is a surprising and probably highly volatile full Moon in Aries on Halloween, conjunct Uranus by exact degree, showing more tricks than treats!​ ​​ Sign up as a patron and get more in-depth astrology. HERE

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