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One fucked up country - the USA

Where on God's Earth do you start when you want to discuss the state of the USA these days.

The most agressive country causing and sponsoring global terrorism: - Perhaps is a good start.

The country that is killing its own with lack of care for Covid 19 :- Yes - That as well - beyond a doubt.

The country where cops shoot men in the back 7 times at VERY close range and right in front of the mans own children:- Definately needs discussing.

Or maybe about a President - who shows himself to be a white supremist - a fascist and a gangster out of control with lies and bullshit and who has proved to be a very dangerous man ;- Yes, this takes centre stage. Absolutely.

  • Murdering cops - murdering and beating just about anyone from the black communities.

  • White Supremists running out of control screaming abuse at innocent black people and getting the police involved for sitting on their own porch or swimming in their own pool.

  • Where white cops slam dunk 14 year old girls into the sidewalk.

  • Politicians CLEARLY involved with big corporate business who poulls thge purse strings and government jumps.

  • Trump and his THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of lies.

  • Collecting the post boxes from around the country so people cannot post a letter any more - or more to the point, they cannot post a vote in for the election which may go against Trump.

  • Trump filling all positions woith people of his choosing and not who is good for the job - usually famly members or bigoted followers of Trump.

  • Denying Covid 19 is a problem and Trump actually said he ' was not responsible' yet ' the bucks stops here' with the President.

  • Where drinking bleach, injecting disinfectant and putting lights inside the body was suggested by Trump as a way of curing Covid 19.

  • While thousands die from a global pandemic , and even Trumps own brother, he goes playing golf.

  • Complete denial by Trump that he is responsible for Covod 19 and the appalling lack of help offered to the people. More concerned with getting business back to 'normal' than saving his fellow Americans.

  • Masive GLOBAL tax evasion by Trump.

  • Massive TAX REFUNDS to the mega wealthy while screwing the poor out of their homes etc, leaving tens of thousands homeless while these properties sit empty and re owned by banks who have often illegally stolen them from their rightful owners.

  • A gun lobby more powerful than the actual government and who will fight to have the right to bare arms in order to shoot anything that moves, and mass killings are commoin in schools, places of work and colleges.

  • A country where decent folk are second class citizens for the bigots, the racist, the white supremists and the homophobes, those against womens rights and many more abusers feel they have the right to act out their disgraceful beliefs because Trump himself believes the same and has given permission to be this way - whereas before the laws of the land kept these opinions under control whereas now, they are out in the open and shows America to be a VERY VERY dangerous racist country to reside in. Where no one is safe.

  • Trump publicly damns and destroys people publicly that he does not like - destroying their lives and career and families in one comment.

  • Trump refuses to hand over his tax details - which is against the law yet he gets away with it.

  • Trump lies through every breath he takes yet no one is brave enough to take him head on and call it what it is ... LIES... and this needs to be done TO HIS FACE and not as an after thought in interviews or on panels of discussion, but TO HIS FACE.

  • Where the police tear gas and pepper spray PEACEFUL PROTESTORS outside a church so that Trump can take a photo opportunity.

  • Where Trump threatens individual state governors if they do not agree with him, he threatens to cut of government funds for local things like equipment for Covid 19 patients - so he is playing politics with peoples lives..... and this is personal and unprofessional. The people suffer.

  • Where a water company can poison the whole town of Flint and still charge the people for water or take them to court and take their homes if they refuse to pay - and no compensation offered all the while they continue to POISON THE WATER SUPPLY that years later is STILL undrinkable.

America is a beautiful country - but it is fucked well and truly - right up the ass and with no condom and no lube... just a hard fast and viscious dry hump that hurts the good and decent people of America and it hurts real bad.

For a country with so much - I do question how come it has more dumb fuckers, wacko's, red necks, morons, so much interbreeding and uneducated ignorant low lives - so much abuse aimed at the poorer classes and so many guns everywhere.

Trump is inviting hostilities if he looses the election and with ANYONE making threats like that, the police should get involved as he is instilling violence - and this fascist gangster is after one thing and one thing only... power - power to steal and plunder and take America down the shitter leaving great skid marks in his wake. Trump aims to destroy America for the sake of money. He think she is right and that the world is his to do woith a she likes. He thinks he is a mega film star and that everyone loves him. Surrounding himself with sicophants dos not help and publicly damning anyone and anytoing he does not like destroys innocent people.


Today we hear he has Covid 19 and I have absolutely no sympathy.

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