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Room 7 here at Hamilton Hall has been a Dorm Room for 4 persons sharing 2 bunk beds, and with its own shower room etc. With four guys sharing, naturally, this was a popular room.

Then along came Covid 19.

Sharing a room in such close proximity is not legal or a sensible idea these days and as I / we have no idea how long this is going on for, and somehow I can see this lasting a long time yet - and I mean right through this coming winter and right up to at least where this all began in March - and - actually - way way way beyond even that, I thought it time for a change.

The emotional and mental stuff many have gone through, will take some time .

The fear of being close to people, likewise, and there are going to be all those snotty bitches screaming 'Yours standing too close.' - and all you want to say is ' Oh fuck off.....'

There will be a lot of attitude from all this now.

So I thought I would change this room - as after 20 years as a Dorm, it is now going to be turned into a Double Bedded Suite, with a small lounge area with telly, kettle etc. - and these are things no room at Hamilton Hall has, as we have a TV Room downstairs and do not mean to seperate people but to gather together and not just watch telly in their rooms.


Maybe now I have started the work of redecorating - I have shown the universe I am serious - and it may lead to someone new seeing the newly done room and want to move in as one of our Community Living people and join the party. Seeing the room done, not what CAN be done, is all that is needed for some.

As a small hotel suite, it will be a really nice room and I am excited to see it finnished.

I think this Covid 19 is a rehearsal for what is to come, and next time, it really will be a major thing and where millions could die, for as long as companies and countries play with dangerous food stocks and rotting animals in the feed chain and poor sanitary conditions for animals we drink the milk and eat the flesh of, what chance do we stand when there is so much corruption in the food chain and so many who seem not to care.

It really is just a matter of time.

Why do you think chicken and pork are so cheap these days whereas 40 years ago was really expensive.

MASS FARMING. Cruelty to the animals and mass farming has altered the very chemical and vitamin make up of many of these animals through too many drugs and antibiotics IN THE FOOD THEY EAT, and we can see the evidence of this here :-

Girls use to have their first period at around the age of 16.

Because of all the chemicals in the food chain, girls are having their first period around 13 years of age.

Chemicals in the food have changed all that.

A lot of people will stay well stocked up on food and drink and things to entertain and even in case of real emergencies, like me, tablets to purify dirty water - extra blankets in case the heating goes out - BBQ equipment in case the electric / gas goes off and we can still cook outdoors - Extra medication and masses of Vitamin tablets - Medical supplies like Savlon (12 tubes ) and plasters ( all sizes ) and tons of pain killers and cold remedies and things for burns etc... and I even have a BB Gun in case the zombies attack or we need to shoot the pigeons for food.

So I shall offer some pictures when it is complete and that will be in a week or so... still got tons to do and it is keeping me busy.

Anyone want to come and help, stay over as my guest and paint and hang wall paper with me... naked ?


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