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nipple play -

Small, Medium or even Fucking Hell, Look at the size of those -

Nippls are a secret men have that many women simply do not know about.

I remember decades ago talking about gay sex with my Mother ( yes she was totally accepting ) and she was amazed to learn that mens nipples can be as sensitive and as enjoyable as they are for a women. She wasn't being rude or anything when she said

' I thought only women had sensitive nipples and when your Father told me his were, I thought there was something a bit feminine in him for that.'

She wasn't being homophobic or rude, she just never knew mens niples were sensitive and we are talking about someone born and brought up from 1922 - so the lifestyle of sex was not really a part of her young enducation as it is ours today.

Many moons ago a friend turned up to my house in London wearing a very skimpy T Shirt that showed his HUGE nipples off - and I mean HUGE, and when asked what he thought others on the tube would make of it, he assumed every old lady felt an attraction - which - kinda - blew us all away - that he assumes such a thing.

A friend who was there at the time stated that most gay men would look at his tits and pull away - and NOT feel an attraction at all and that assuming every old lady was attracted was not just naive, but rather stupidly naive.

It was arrogant.

It was conceited.

Ego out of control.

Big nipples are so very sexy for some - and just not so for others.

Vacuum pumping your nipples to be huge is not for everyone and while they become more sensitive and attached to your dick and balls with an energy... many mens nipples are still switched off and have not been activated as yet.

Some men can reach orgasm and shoot their load just by having their tits worked on.

Some reach higher levels of awareness - some go into a kind of dream state while others feel absolutely nothing at all... and shows how different we all are.

Nipples are an important aspect of your sexual took kit - and ignoreing them is your choice. If they seem not to work, then practice makes perfect and with a little effort, anything ispossible.

Breast enlargement is usually caused by an imbalance of estrogen (female hormone) and testosterone (male hormone). Males have both types of hormones in their body. Changes in the levels of these hormones, or in how the body uses or responds to these hormones, can cause enlarged breasts in males.

Both men and women experience nipple pain. Men commonly experience this pain following injuries, often from sports or accidents. Men can also develop irritated nipples after exercising, due to friction. Men are also at risk for breast mastitis

Here's the fun fact for today: male lactation is a rare but possible phenomenon. For the most part though, male lactation is associated with serious stresses to a man's body. Prolactin, the hormone responsible for stimulating breast milk production, can surge in males under certain conditions, according to Live Science. For example, men who have endured periods of starvation sometimes experience spontaneous lactation,

according to Scientific American and has been observed in male survivors of Nazi concentration or Japanese POW camps.

If you're ever at the finish line of a marathon, chances are at least one of the male runners will have red streaks down his chest. Sometimes men's sensitive nipples can chafe or even bleed when rubbing against a shirt during activity. To cope with this painful annoyance, some male runners even use adhesive bandages or lubricant on their nipples to prevent bleeding, according to Runner's World. Finally, a reason to be grateful for sports bras.

Third nipples are not all that rare. In fact, about one out of every 100 men in the general population have a third nipple, according to Health Research Funding. These extra nips are also called supernumerary nipples, which makes it sound like they have special powers. I have often seen a third nipple but they are not as big and not an predominant as the correct two and are often mistaken for a small mole.

As far as mammalian embryos are concerned, nipples (and, more to the point, breasts) are a crucial part of development. In fact, all human embryos develop the same way for the first few weeks, and the formation of mammary glands and tissue begins early on, before sex determination kicks in around the fourth week of development, according to IFL Science. Whether a person has XX or XY chromosomes, everyone begins life with breasts. Isn't that strangely comforting ?

Although verified research was hard to come by for this idea, male nipple piercings may have roots in sailor culture. For years, stories have claimed that sailors got nipple piercings when they crossed the equator for the first time, according to The Point. Whatever the case, this interesting tradition sounds totally plausible. It has been popularised like the Prince Albert piercing in the dick, by the gay community some decades ago and are now consoidered quite the norm. The straight world always catches onto gay culture eventually and pierced nipples and cocks - while always being and coming originally from the straight world - has been popularised and made fashionable by the gay world. As usual, gay men lead fashion, music, hair and beauty, piercings and tattoes and so much more.

All things to do with a man I find horny and a turn on but like anything else, it has to be right. ie: A big fat dick is always very attractive but if the foreskin does not come back and it smells - then it is a turn off.

The same dick clean - is a joy.

Big nipples can be as much a turn on as a turn off to many.

Nothing and no one is ever going to be 100 % and there will always be things that someone enjoys that turns another cold, and that's the joy of sex - discovering new hings - trying new ideas - seeing what can be done and what new thing can be tried and - just possible - really enjoyed.

Do not, however, be afraid to be really firm on someones nipples as they will indicate when enough is enough and then you know the boundaries.

To each his own.


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