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some people simply do not give a shit

When a guest came to stay after a few days at a local Premier Inn Hotel - and when he Tells me the cleaners at the Premier Inn were absolutely giving the Deep Clean to avoid Covid 19 - about 5% of their attention, and when he tells me how they were absolutely lazy and only giving eveything a cursery clean and NOT a correct and deep clean, and when he says he felt unsafe at the Premier Inn because while the staff might have been trained to do their job correctly and to give the place a DEEP CLEAN - it simply was not being done by the staff he watched and observed.

So putting every customer and staff member at serious risk.

Already here in Bournemouth several venues have been close by the council because of complaints of NOT adhering to government guidelines for Covid Avoidance - and the local gay sauna is one and the local Conservative Club is another - and I am not sure what these people are thinking - but their dangerous and thoughtless actions, or lack of any propper action, deserves to get them fired on the spot.

We are all trying to muster down and get things kept as clean and healthy as we can and when w ehear that some really couldn't give afuck and are not doing their job as detailed, then I personally would have complained to the management and even Council about the staff at the Premier Inn and I amost certainly WOULD NOT have let that go unreported.

Peoples lives are at stake.

The future of millions is at stake.

Lockdowns will continue - Business will close

Millions will be made unemployed

Tens of thousands more infected

The economy will crash

Governments will run out of money

Recession and mass poverty will follow

People will go hungry in the streets

Tens of thousands more will die.

And not just the elderly and those with dementia but young and healthy as well

Lasting lingering side effects to Covoid 19 will stay within the survivors maybe for life

There is no easy answer


The ' NEW NORMAL' is to stay put probably for years to come and probably, for a very very long time as this is just a rehearsal, take my word for it, as the way mankind is fucking the food chain up, messing with animal husbandry and poisonous food stuff fed to the animals we eat, allowing toxic feed and dead animals to be fed back to vegetarian creatures, is inhuman.

And still some people do not give a shit. It is all about them. Me - Me - Me and is the same as some within the LGBTQ world - who assume, who demand, it all be about them, and these vacuous shallow faggots are the worst, the absolute worst, as they do no one any good and only ruin it for others with their self centres selfish manner of uncaring WTF happens to anyone else as it is all about them.

Karens, we have all heard about those women in America who assume they are ENTITLED to do and be and say and act however thay want and everyone els emust cow down to them - and usually theu get shuted down and exposed on youtube or facebook as the emoty headed assholes they are and who constantly find fault with decent people trying to liuve a decent life. They come crawling out of the woodwork just as soon as someone like Donald Trump given them permission and that their behaviour that has been under wraps for a long time because of decency, now through Trump, is allowed out and into the open public forum because he is a bully, he is a white supremist, he is a bigot, as women abuser, a LGBTQ hater and someone who despises - actually - anyone and everyone who disagrees with him - and he is a bully - a child in a mans body throwing tantrums and being the bully.

So even if only for your own family and friends - GIVE A FUCKING SHIT - GROW THE FUCK UP AND TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY

Not just because it is the decent humanitarian thing to do, but for yourself, for your own self respect and care - your own inner being and this is where you start to like and even maybe love yourself, but by being a cunt - an enemy to others, an asshole and a vile human being, your inner seklf will suffer and no amount of inner reflection will show you the truth about yourslf until you are ready to kisten,- ready to hear - ready to be in realisation and ready to change - foir the better.

Only you can be a decent human being and only you know how.

So don't be the asshole, or the shit head - be a friend and someone others love.

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