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When I was arrested in April, I had no idea what hell I was heading into.

Donate today to re-house the 20 gay, bisexual, and transgender Ugandans who were wrongfully arrested and brutally abused during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Humiliated, burned, and beaten.


Earlier this year, 20 young gay, bisexual, and transgender Ugandans living in a shelter were arrested on trumped up acccusations of violating COVID-19 lockdown rules.

They were publicly humiliated and beaten, then taken to jail, where they were brutally abused.

After 50 days, they were released without charge and temporarily re-housed by our partners at Children of the Sun Foundation.

Now, they need our help to pay for safer, more permanent housing.

Donate today to help re-house the gay, bi, and trans Ugandans who were wrongfully arrested and brutally abused during the COVID-19 lockdown.

When I was arrested in April, I had no idea what hell I was heading into.


My name is Thomas* and I used to live in a shelter with 19 other gay, bisexual, and transgender Ugandans outside of the capital, Kampala. Our community formed there because we can keep each other safe – many of us are HIV+, many of us are very young (I'm 20 years old), and we look out for each other.

But when the COVID-19 lockdown hit Uganda, it was fierce. We were barely allowed to go outside. Police – who have a history of abusing LGBT+ people here, where it is a crime to be gay – took advantage of the lockdown and targeted our shelter.

We were doing nothing wrong, just trying to survive, when they ransacked our home. 20 of us were arrested for allegedly "violating social distancing" rules.

We were paraded around the town, so everyone could see who we are. The mayor of the town beat two of my friends in public with a whip. We were then taken to jail. It was there that we were brutally abused day after day, by prison guards and other prisoners. They burned us with firewood and hit us with large sticks.

Many of us still have scars on our bodies and will suffer mental trauma for a long time.

We were finally released after 50 days without charge and the organisation that had been running our shelter – called Children of the Sun Foundation – provided us with temporary accommodation.

But, with the COVID-19 lockdown still in place, we are running out of money and options fast. There are already some days where we go without food, water, or soap. We no longer have money to pay rent.

Plus, it's just not safe for all of us to keep staying in one home together. The police could come to our new home any day. We need to be placed in separate housing, so we’re less vulnerable as a large group. But this is beyond what Children of the Sun Foundation can provide.

That's why I'm writing to you now. If All Out members from around the world chip in, we can move into separate, safer housing. With your help, we can stand a chance at making it through the rest of the year, while so many risks surround us.

You've supported other projects with All Out, Michael. Thank you!

Could you donate again today to help pay for our safe housing and vital medication for the next 3 months?

Thanks for going All Out,


*I'm using a pseudonym for my own safety


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