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2022 Forecast + Predictions


2022 Vedic Astrology - YouTube

New Year (New Moon) Apr 1

Śubhakṛta Jovian year

Kālsarpa Yoga

Venus + Mars + Saturn conjunctions

Saturn in Dhaniṣṭhā

Jupiter + Neptune conjunction + entry into Pisces

Saturn in Aquarius + return to Capricorn

Rahu + Ketu (eclipses) in Aries + Libra

Rahu + Uranus + Mars in Aries

Mars retrograde

+ New + Full Moons for the year

++ My predictions for the year

+++ Forecasts for each sign


I've had a keen interest in astrology (more like an obsession!) from an early age and continue to study and perfect my skills in Jyotish ('Vedic' or Indian astrology). I love that this wonderful art and science continues to offer its gems the more I explore. I have studied with various Vedic astrology teachers since 1996, including Pearl Finn and Komilla Sutton. Visti Larsen and Freedom Cole have been helpful guides, as has their teacher Sanjay Rath.

I trained in counselling and studied Ayurveda with the American Institute of Vedic Studies and at the International Academy of Ayurveda. ​I am a member of the British Association of Vedic Astrology and lecture at their annual conference. ​I have authored a book titled Cosmic Bodies: The Ayurvedic Astrology Guide to Health & Well-Being, available on Amazon and am currently working on a book about timing techniques titled Timeline Astrology.


I am available for readings online via Zoom at various times, or you may book a pre-recorded session, which includes a follow-up email. Email me at info[@] if you have any questions.

​I sometimes travel around Ireland for special events and festivals. You can stay informed of upcoming news and events by subscribing for updates below. ​ ​


I like to study a birth chart for at least a week before I read which means a waiting period of some weeks depending on my schedule. If you require more immediate guidance, I can sometimes adjust to suit. I offer practical consultations and remedies that are easily incorporated into a busy life. ​Although I follow the traditional approach of an ancient practice that is steeped in mystery and esoteric knowledge, I offer easy-to-follow, practical readings clients enjoy. I blend the predictive techniques of Vedic astrology - using the traditional tools of Indian sages Parāśara and Jaimini - with holistic and practical advice for modern life, so you can make the most of any period in your life. I have a scientific understanding of astrology and a keen intuition and insight into the challenges of life (typical Scorpio!). I pride myself in giving a comprehensive reading to every client, leaving no room for doubt or even a follow-up consultation many times. Usually, a client is happy with just one reading and uses the audio recording for many years afterwards; unless they wish to work with me in a more practical way, either month-by-month by becoming a patron of my website and following the trends, or year-on-year with a yearly reading and update on upcoming trends. ​​While timelines offer a graphical representation of dates in your life on which important periods are highlighted, a reading helps you effectively plan your life, ​and thrive - even in challenging circumstances. ​​​I literally give you a timeline of your life to take away with you, along with a video and audio recording of your birth chart. ​ ​ ​Readings offer peace and acceptance, while helping you move confidently forward in your life, changing what you can with the help of practical advice and astrological remedy. ​ Here are a few words some recent clients have used to describe them: ​'insightful', 'detailed', 'sensible', 'reliable', 'restorative', 'knowledgeable', 'generous', 'accessible', 'informative', 'deeply embodied', 'creative', 'profoundly practical', 'patient', 'non-judgmental', 'clarifying' and 'helpful'. ​​


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