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2023 Timelines - Gary O'Toole - Astrologer

How will the transits of 2023 impact the world?

Every year brings its challenges and rewards. Some years bring more challenges, and more rewards. 2023 is one of those years, it seems. War, natural disasters, an energy crisis, and major economic adjustment–possibly

even a major stock market crash after further inflation–it’s all happening! But what is also happening is Saturn is moving from its conjunction with Pluto. This has reflected a particularly challenging period since the beginning of 2020. Things are going to progress in 2023 in ways 2020, 2021 and 2022 could not. The downside is that to move forward, many systems we hoped would return to normal must fall away completely, including the current economic one. And yet, new systems cannot replace the old one overnight. It’s a long, drawn-out process. Subsequent transits point to major uprisings by mid-decade because of this. Things are likely to escalate in 2023 to bring us to that point.

Saturn enters Aquarius on Jan 17, taking its gaze off of Jupiter in Pisces. Inflation may run amok and the threat of nuclear weapons is heightened, but so is the hope for something better. New structures and systems are now likely to enforce bigger changes, building something new out of the wreckage of the old. New social networks, including social media platforms, and regulations, are likely, as is any kind of advancement in the treatment of disease. Aquarius is the sign with more apparent contradictions than any other. On the one hand, it’s all about following the rulebook when building new structures. Yet Rahu co-rules it, changing and challenging plans at every turn. The builders look at each other in bemusement. No one is impressed by the new ideas, least of all those who must do all the work.

Saturn’s aspect to Aries is likely to be reflected in an ongoing energy crisis, and more issues around water. Its influence on Aquarius may bring water shortages and water-related infections. Its influence on Scorpio may show an inaccessibility to what lies buried underground, while its aspect to Leo may expose and challenge certain leaders. On a positive note, Saturn’s restrictive influence on Mars’s signs may bring ceasefires. The other big change to occur in 2023 is when Jupiter enters Aries, joining Rahu and Uranus in the sign of war. Although Saturn’s influence may keep things in check through fear of consequence, Jupiter’s transit in Aries is likely to shake things up; for the economy; for what is right. Righteousness may seem lost as it conjoins Rahu. What is the right thing to do? Who knows?

At least Jupiter’s conjunction with Rahu is likely to bring progress, after many things that have fallen apart since its conjunction with Ketu (South Node) at the end of 2019. Jupiter-Rahu is likely to bring yet more divisions, of course. Rahu may bring advancement, but there are often unforeseen consequences. Brexit is a case in point, which was voted for the last time Jupiter and Rahu came together, in 2016. Whatever your beliefs about the politics of that period, it certainly shook things up in the world in a big way. We’re likely to see many more things shake in 2023.

Jupiter represents growth, which means its conjunction with greedy Rahu, as well as the unexpected Uranus, could show growth that is unexpected, but not for everybody. It could show unexpected growth in the markets, for example, but this could be what leads to a major stock market crash later. There’s always another side to the coin (pardon the pun) with Rahu. If you’re investing money in any major deals, you need to have your wits about you in an extreme financial year. There could be another virus that comes out of nowhere, or the re-emergence of one we thought we had put behind us.

The year starts out in dire straits, with Mars continuing to backtrack through Taurus, a sign representing basic needs. The planet of war moving back through the sign of resources does not bode well for acquiring such basics as energy or resources. By October, Mars meets with Ketu in Libra, before Venus enters Virgo. There is the potential for a major market crash, the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetime.

The lunar nodes finish their transit in Aries and Libra around this time, leaving war widows and economic hardship in their wake. The nodes were in these signs during the crash of 1929, as Ketu conjoined Mars. This repeats in October, with Ketu then meeting with a debilitated Venus in November. The nodes move into Pisces and Virgo; Rahu enters Pisces; Ketu enters Virgo. Some astrologers see Rahu as ruling Virgo and Ketu ruling Pisces, placing them in each other’s signs. Even if they don’t, they are ill-suited to what these signs are about.

Rahu is lost in the depths of Pisces. It is already confused. Throw it into the contradictory realms of Pisces, and you have the potential for a lot more confusion. Oh, and why not blur the picture with a conjunction with Neptune?! Neptune will return to Pisces in February, placing Neptune and Rahu together in Pisces from November. This will likely bring many complexities through the end of 2023 and into 2024.

Ketu is ill-suited to Virgo as it challenges practical life and orderliness. Ketu is a ‘part’ of us uninterested in order, or anything practical. And yet, the most practical thing we can do is what Ketu wants of us; that is, to be spiritually orientated. Let’s face it, losses are the only thing we can be sure of. Ketu may take away things that gave us a sense of stability in 2023. In doing so, it shakes us out of our state of confusion by waking us up to what is real beyond this world. As Rahu in Pisces churns up so many conflicting emotions about what is happening, we must focus on what does not change, within, so as not to feel lost, without. Read a month-by-month report:

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