8 driving laws you are probably breaking without realising

8 driving laws you are probably breaking without realising

Weather forecasts predict the UK will be basking in a mini-heatwave next week as lockdown restrictions ease. But with such weather, drivers are at risk of breaking driving laws that many of us will not be aware of. Drivers planning staycations with bikes and luggage should be careful to avoid overloading their car or covering their licence plate, as they could be fined up to £2,500. While some offences seem unlikely to result in a fine, it's still very possible that you could be penalised for not following the Highway Code in hot weather. It is recommend you don't take the risk, as heatwaves are for enjoying, not for losing your license. 1) Freeing a dog from a hot car Max penalty: 10 years in prison

We all know that you should not leave your pet in a hot car, under any circumstances. But what happens if you do see a dog suffering in the heatwave – are you allowed to break the window and free them? If you can’t justify breaking into the car, it could be seen as criminal damage. The Crown Prosecution Service states that destroying or damaging someone else’s property could land you up to 10 years imprisonment. If an animal is suffering in a hot car, dial 999 and the police will give you advice on what to do.

2) Wearing sunglasses – or not wearing them Max penalty: A ban, 3-9 points and an unlimited fine

Everyday sunglasses can be too dark for driving, according to the AA. Some sunglasses can also affect your sight, as the edge of the frame blocks your peripheral vision. If your sunglasses aren’t fit for driving, you could be penalised for careless and inconsiderate driving. On the other hand, the Highway Code says you should pull over if you are ever ‘dazzled by bright sunlight’. If you aren’t wearing the correct sunglasses that safely prevent you from being dazzled, you could risk being hit with a fine for careless driving. 3) Contactless payment at the drive-thru Max penalty: A ban, 3 points and a £1,000 fine

With more drive-thrus reopening, drivers are encouraged to use contactless payments. But if you use the likes of Google Pay and Apple Pay at the drive-thru window, you could be penalised for using your mobile phone while driving.

4) Not turning on the AC or opening a window Max penalty: 2 years in prison, 3-11 points and an unlimited fine

Rule 237 of the Highway Code says you must keep your vehicle well-ventilated to avoid drowsiness. Driving while tired isn’t an offence, but the AA says it can drastically increase your chances of driving dangerously, which can result in a serious penalty. Recently, we recorded the temperature inside a car reaching a sweltering 33°C, which is hotter than the average summer in Mexico!

5) Hay Fever Medication Max Penalty@ 6 months in prison, 3-11 points and unlimited fine

A 2018 study revealed that 60% of hay fever sufferers admit taking medication before they get behind the wheel. But hay fever meds can result in sleepiness and blurred vision, which would make you unfit to drive. A new Highway Code rule from 2015 (rule 96) says that you must not drive under the influence of drugs or medicine.

6) Bringing your bike Max penalty: £1,000 fine

Rear-mounted bike racks are a cheap and convenient option for bringing your bike on a trip. But these racks can cover your licence plates, which will land you a hefty fine and your car will fail its MOT. If you do drive with a rear-mounted bike rack, consider a lighting board to display your licence plate, reflectors and lights clearly.

7) Overloading the car Max penalty: 3 points and a £2,500 fine

Thinking of packing your camping gear in the boot or towing your family caravan? Beware of overloading the car. Rule 98 of the Highway Code says you should not overload your vehicle with a weight that’s greater than the manufacturer’s recommendation. You could land a penalty for using your vehicle in a dangerous condition.

8) Driving on wet roads after a summer shower Max penalty: 2 years in prison, a ban, 3-11 points and an unlimited fine

According to the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA), asphalt roads can ‘bleed’ through to the surface in hot weather after rain, which reduces skidding resistance and makes the road more slippery. Thanks to the unpredictable British weather, you could find yourself driving in a heatwave after a sudden downpour. Drivers should beware – if you cause an accident on a slippery road, you could be convicted for dangerous driving.


John Bellamy Comments:

And there you go folks, the Nanny State is at it again. The government earns BILLIONS from drivers and yet penalises us at every junction we come to.

It is like vegatarian who scream about not eating meat but who wear leather.

It is like thise who scream against the motor car and yet expect the shops to be full of products delivered by road.

The hypocricy is rife.

We all know cars do damage to the environment but as usual, this is like the plastic bags in supermarkets - YES it is good that we made the change and saves millions of plastic bage being discarded into the oceans etc. BUT -m How about making sure industry sorts out its over use of plastic and packaging that ends up in landfill or in the oceans and yet NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT THAT. The onus is ALWAYS put on the customer and NOT the indistry - and the largest use of petrolium products in th UK is the food industry - with so much packaging - so much wasted packaging, and then they scream at us for wastage when the producers could come up with something better and be part of the solution as well as the customer.

Double standards for the customer and the industry.


Hay fever medication - What about all the other ledications that cause drowsiness, none of these are mentioed and - is common sense.

If I see a doig dying of the heat in a car and there is no one around and we all know the police are useless when you want them - and I would break the window to save a dog or a child and if that means I get prosecuted then the law is an ass. Property MUST NOT have presedence over a living thing like a dog or a child.

AIR CON: Am I REALLY going to be penalised for not opening the window and ventilating the car - how the fuck are they to prove that and what a dumb ass thing... How the hell are they to monitor that one ???


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