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Some time ago I came across a stunning man on twitter and have followed him for the last few months. He is big and broad and dark and hairy and sexy as shit and I think he is awesome.
Very my type.
Recently he posted this piece below on twitter as - like many who deal with the gay community, he has realized what a dangerous and lethal place it can be - with some vile assholes ruining it for others and sadly, there is a lot of homophobia, bigotry, envy, jealousy and resentment aimed at those of us who put ourselves forward and in the public eye and there will always be those who want to destroy - for no other reason that they hate you for who and what you are while they do fuck all in return but knock you and try and destroy you and your business - and for why ???

Oh I think we all know why - don't we ?

And it has nothing to do with this man who has reached out with this message and it has little to do with me or anyone else in the public eye who get it in the neck from these assholes, and it does have something to do with mental health and as stated above, envy. People love to knock the very person, thing or company they envy because it is not them.

Plain and simple.

This destroys.

This kills interest and passion.

It is common the world over and when you own and run a gay venue such as Hamilton Hall - we do hear and contact other gay venues around the world and chat - and many - MANY - see the LGBT community as a very dangerous place to reside and running a venue aimed at gay men puts you in the firing line if you speak up, show yourself, have an opinion, talk and chatter and / or offer a Blog of some sort and as soon as you offer an opinion on ANYTHING, there will be those who will attack, knocking you to pieces, destroying the veyu person who has the guts to stand and be counted ( like Peter Tatchel who I absolutely admire above and beyond - while others hate him and bitch about him while appreciating how we have LGBT equality these days and LARGELY BECAUE OF PEOPLE LIKE PETER TATCHELL and STILL these vile people knock and destroy and the resentment is rife.

And the pathetic assholes who cause the trouble just sit behind their computers and think they are clever when we know what sad cunts they really are.

This piece below moved me dearly and I had to share it with you. When you look at him,. he seems to have everything going for him - and many do not see him as a human being with problems like everyone else and so throw abuse - and it hurts.

For him to take the time and the effort to put this together means he is in great emotional and mental pain from the actions of strangers and DO NOT say to just ignore it, as we live ' on line' and we shop ' on line ' and we pick up sex ' on line ' and everything we do these days is largely ' on line ' and these assholes will find you wherever you are ' on line' and even if nothing to do with what you are ' on line' for - they will knock and destroy because it makes them feel better to put someone else down - not realizing quite how far down they are themselves just for doing what they are doing.

I send my heart felt sympathy and love to this man and understand completely what and why he comments as he does. I wish him well as I wish all who suffer at the hends of these assholes and hope these assholes get their cumuppance real soon.
If you have a similar story to share send it to us to share on this Blog
I had a stunningly beautiful sister who was a Bluebell Girl dancer and fashion model and although she was tall and very beautiful ( something that - obviously - runs on the family.... lol ) she died at age 38 of alcoholism brought about as she was so insecure - having twin brothers two years younger who stole her limelite - and she never got over it and was really a functional alcoholic and this was her way of coping with the big bad world. As much as we tried, there was no rescue available and she died of liver failure one day when she could not cope with it any more and tragically, we never realised the extent of her mental health until it was too late.
Beatyiful people suffer as well as everyone else and so many say
' what have you got to be depressed / lonely / etc. for, you are beautiful.'
and that REALLY dosn't help.
John Bellamy

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