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A Masons Ring

( and no, it's not sexual... or maybe it was ?

Many years ago when my Grandfather died - my brother kept a small brown leather case full of Masonic Stuff, like an apron, some set square things, rings and an assortment of items that make no sense but clearly have some hidden meaning only a Mason would understand. The case was full and all wrapped with tissue paper for protection, so clearly Grandfather was proud to be a Mason - and as he was a rather pompous man, - someone who looked down on others with a bit of an air of superiority, and I am reminded that he was born in 1897 so came from a very different culture where being a Mason meant you were something special.

These days the organisation has somewhat of a cloud hanging over it as secrecy - which is the corner stone of membership, is frowned upon by the masses and where society is careful concerning cults and maybe wrongly, a Christian Cult at that.

Recently my brother mentioned it at work one day in conversation and a regular customer claimed he had no right to this material and that he ' demanded' it all be given to him so he could return it to the Masons,- and my brother basically told him where to shove his attitude.

The man reiterated over and over it was not his to keep and my brother made it abundantly clear that the man had absolutely no right to tell him what to do with his own Grandfathers possessions and if this is how the Masons acted, then NO WONDER they have such a bad reputation with modern society and why so many distrust Masons and see it as a business cult of some kind.

There is no law against owning Masonic paraphernalia as the Masonic Lodge cannot do anything about it if you did wear the various rings etc.

The only rule inside the lodge is that members cannot wear the emblem until they are a Master Mason.

I advised my brother that he was right and that the man had absolutely no legal or moral right to demand anything and you can even buy Masonic stuff online anyway, so there really is no big deal these days as the secrecy and availability of these emblems is not as protected as it once was and where ONLY a Mason would even see this stuff.

So if you do have Masonic ritualistic stuff, you can hang onto them, sell or ever give away, there is no unwritten rule one way or the other these days as the Masons, well - we hardly hear anything of them these days unlike the past or maybe, they have just become even more secretive and protective of their ' little boys club' where they dance around in aprons with one trouser leg pulled up etc... ( joke... I have no idea...)


This organisation is older than Christ and was created to teach how to be Masons - Stone Builders at a time when temples needed archways and domes and the knowledge was given to 'The Masons' from a higher source of knowledge handed down to mankind through this secretive organisation in order to help advance humanity while keeping the source of the information secret.

It is that secretive source that has always been hidden and the advanced mathematics shared at a time when man was still forming the first civilization in Mesopotamia yet someone knew a great deal more than human kind possessed at the time and shared many wisdoms though this organisation that over centuries has been watered down to such a degree that these days, is not needed.





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