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After a really good start - chaos rules the day.

I was proud of the UK for rolling out a vaccine programme long before the rest of Europe got off its fat over important egotistival, incompetant and entitled fat ass and got things rolling for the rest of Europe and then bitched and found fault with the very drug and drug company they were complaining about not having any orders placed with - and how they were missing out on the very drug they needed, and so turned against the drug and drug company and bad mouthed them to such a degree that then their own people did not want the vaccine even when it was available because the dumb politicians had fucked it up for themselves by being incompetent and then trying to damn the very product they wanted and then wonder why their country has an explosion of cases - when the answers lie with the incompetance of the EU.

Boris Johnson: He gives all the appearance of a bumbling fool running the country who DESPERATELY needs to have ellocution lessons and a hair cut and then maybe we might take him seriously as at the moment he is nothing more than a bumbling idiot who makes the UK look - and sound - foolish - he is not creating a new style of leadership, he is creating the image of a bumbling fool- or even - The Village Idiot.

Certainly because of Covid we have seen we are best out of the EU. I really do not give a fuck about what argument you have for staying, leaving, staying, I don't care - it is over - the mass of people in the UK voted to leave - we have left - it has proven through this shambles of a Vaccine Programme in Europe that has been the cause and creation of immense agonies for the people and mass death because they didn't do their jobs right and then turn around and like some snitty little girl, bitch at everyone else because they got it wrong, and the UK was best out of this group or we would have tens of thousands more dead and hardly anayone vaccinated as yet.
How fucking childish and this is the organisation we paid billions into.

I don't need your e mails and phone calls complaining I am anti Europe as I am not. Neither am I anti anything that makes life easier for the masses, but when an organization claims to be for the people but appears anything but - then I am OUT and I will scream about the said abuse adn draw attention to said abuses and make my voice heard - and if you do not and you just sit there and complain about gobby me - then shut the fuck up unless you are prepared to answer - write an editorial, make your voice heard and we will put it here for millions to read, but if all you do is snip and snipe from behind your computer and do not offer an opinion but to moan about me - then your voice is unworthy unless you have and share your opinion and truth so we can discuss. Anyone just full of complaints, we feel sorry for and ignore as not a happy bunny all round.




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