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What is the most passive aggressive housewarming gift you have ever seen someone receive?

I was in a home goods store around Christmas and picked up a candle and it smelled TERRIBLE! I was so shocked how bad it smelled that I muttered to myself “That smells like $hit” I didn’t realize there was a woman in the same row and she ran over to me and asked if she could smell it, she also thought it was disgusting. She told me if I was not going to buy it than she would. She said she had a weight problem all her life and her horrible inlaws that always bought her clothes in too small sizes to be mean, so she thought this would be a perfect Christmas gift! She had the biggest smile on her face!

I forbade my child from watching TikTok because I worry it lowers IQ. However, my ex-spouse allows them to use it at their house. Is this child endangerment grounds for a lawsuit for full custody?

This is literally the most petty shit I have ever heard, and you’d be making a massive mistake to try it. I assume you really haven't actually given this much thought or you would have seen more wisdom in not asking the question. It will make you look petty, vindictive, and unreasonable to the court and to your children, and could result in reduced custody time for you. Courts do not look nicely at parents who abuse the judicial system and this will bounce back on you and your relationship with your children. Try watching a little Judge Judy on TV as it is all there for you to see, all the dumb mistakes parents make.

How hard is it to get diabetes because of sugar?

Since sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, pretty hard. Diabetes can be controlled by limiting sugar, but it doesn’t cause it. Think of it like feeling cold can be controlled by wearing a coat. Wearing a coat doesn’t make it cold. T1D main driver is genetic. T2D’s are genetics and obesity. According to

Type 2 Diabetes Causes

Type 2 diabetes has several causes: genetics and lifestyle are the most important ones. A combination of these factors can cause insulin resistance, when your body doesn’t use insulin as well as it should. Insulin resistance is the most common cause of type 2 diabetes.

Genetics Play a Role in Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 diabetes can be hereditary. That doesn’t mean that if your mother or father has (or had) type 2 diabetes, you’re guaranteed to develop it; instead, it means that you have a greater chance of developing type 2.

Researchers know that you can inherit a risk for type 2 diabetes, but it’s difficult to pinpoint which genes carry the risk. The medical community is hard at work trying to figure out the certain genetic mutations that lead to a risk of type 2.

Lifestyle Is Very Important, Too Genes do play a role in type 2 diabetes, but lifestyle choices are also important. You can, for example, have a genetic mutation that may make you susceptible to type 2, but if you take good care of your body, you may not develop diabetes. Say that two people have the same genetic mutation. One of them eats well, watches their cholesterol, and stays physically fit, and the other is overweight (BMI greater than 25) and inactive. The person who is overweight and inactive is much more likely to develop type 2 diabetes because certain lifestyle choices greatly influence how well your body uses insulin. Lifestyle choices that affect the development of type 2 diabetes include:

Lack of exercise: Physical activity has many benefits—one of them being that it can help you avoid type 2 diabetes, if you’re susceptible.

Unhealthy meal planning choices:

y doesn’t produce enough insulin; that’s not as common.

I can’t really get behind the England team anymore due to both the kneeling and the team’s makeup. Does anyone else feel this way?

Thanks, James. Looking at your question profile it looks like you are struggling a bit with autism and depression. I certainly don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but I think that trying to ask provocative questions isn’t going to help your frame of mind. Expect a tide of negative comments in response to your question. If you really and sincerely have a problem with an England team that has black players in it, then that’s sort of on you and its exactly why they take the knee to show bigots that it is not going to be tollerated. However, if you are just asking provocative questions because of your current mental state, then I think you should try speaking to people about that. You are only leading yourself down a bad path. There are plenty of people out there who can help you and you will find yourself in trouble if you say this aloud as racists are not tollerated in society and there is - clearly - a lot for you to learn.

Dear John: When I turned 80, I got a call from my daughter telling me to go to a group home. She hadn’t spoken to me in 35 years and has no idea about my lifestyle. My home is paid off, and I love to travel a lot. My son tells me that the world is a dangerous place and that he won’t let me travel. Did you get that - HE WON'T LET ME TRAVEL - So, I don’t tell either of them my plans, but travel as much as I want ( I was a travel agent for 40 years ). In the future, if I need a little help, I will pay someone to come now and then. My life partner spent his last month in a nursing home, unable to get anyone to come when he pushed his call button, not a single gay person to be seen and he felt so out of it there and where other patients screamed f