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agony aunt

I was in a home goods store around Christmas and picked up a candle and it smelled TERRIBLE! I was so shocked how bad it smelled that I muttered to myself “That smells like $hit” I didn’t realize there was a woman in the same row and she ran over to me and asked if she could smell it, she also thought it was disgusting. She told me if I was not going to buy it than she would. She said she had a weight problem all her life and her horrible inlaws that always bought her clothes in too small sizes to be mean, so she thought this would be a perfect Christmas gift! She had the biggest smile on her face!

This is literally the most petty shit I have ever heard, and you’d be making a massive mistake to try it. I assume you really haven't actually given this much thought or you would have seen more wisdom in not asking the question. It will make you look petty, vindictive, and unreasonable to the court and to your children, and could result in reduced custody time for you. Courts do not look nicely at parents who abuse the judicial system and this will bounce back on you and your relationship with your children. Try watching a little Judge Judy on TV as it is all there for you to see, all the dumb mistakes parents make.

Since sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, pretty hard. Diabetes can be controlled by limiting sugar, but it doesn’t cause it. Think of it like feeling cold can be controlled by wearing a coat. Wearing a coat doesn’t make it cold. T1D main driver is genetic. T2D’s are genetics and obesity. According to

Thanks, James. Looking at your question profile it looks like you are struggling a bit with autism and depression. I certainly don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but I think that trying to ask provocative questions isn’t going to help your frame of mind. Expect a tide of negative comments in response to your question. If you really and sincerely have a problem with an England team that has black players in it, then that’s sort of on you and its exactly why they take the knee to show bigots that it is not going to be tollerated. However, if you are just asking provocative questions because of your current mental state, then I think you should try speaking to people about that. You are only leading yourself down a bad path. There are plenty of people out there who can help you and you will find yourself in trouble if you say this aloud as racists are not tollerated in society and there is - clearly - a lot for you to learn.

Dear John: When I turned 80, I got a call from my daughter telling me to go to a group home. She hadn’t spoken to me in 35 years and has no idea about my lifestyle. My home is paid off, and I love to travel a lot. My son tells me that the world is a dangerous place and that he won’t let me travel. Did you get that - HE WON'T LET ME TRAVEL - So, I don’t tell either of them my plans, but travel as much as I want ( I was a travel agent for 40 years ). In the future, if I need a little help, I will pay someone to come now and then. My life partner spent his last month in a nursing home, unable to get anyone to come when he pushed his call button, not a single gay person to be seen and he felt so out of it there and where other patients screamed for 24 hrs a day “Help me!!” and no one came. He was only there a few months as I could no longer cope with his ailing body and mind and he only lived 9 weeks and we all felt releaved as he was not happy there. I shall travel as long as I am able and Thailand is next on my agenda and if I drop down dead on a holiday somewhere, better that than in some home where the staff do not care. Charles.

Good for you Charles. Never let anyone tell you you cannot do something - always give it a go ( but not standing on a high wobbly chair though huh Charles... ) as if and when you feel the need toi slow down and take extra care - you will - and not because some ' only thinking of you' family member tells you to. JB

Dear John: As a hotelier here in Blackpool can I ask you if you are getting a load of time wasting enquiries that seem to be deliberately designed to mess about and no booking made but my time wasted. It sems that after being here a decade or so, this year of all years the time wasters seem to be in an abundance compared to most years. ( Name and venue withheld )

Ha Ha ... Oh Yes - We most definately are. People ask for dates and when I answer offering accommodation for the dates THEY HAVE ASKED FOR they reply that those dates are not suitable and do you have these new dates, and I - quite honestly - am not as polite as I could be and I do tell them off, so probably loose custom, but to be honest, fuck me about, you will be told. If I loose business, so be it. I at least feel whole and not abused. Toom many deliberately fuck about and abuse and I - where I can, will not tollerate it. So be strong. you don't want these assholes as customers anyway as just imagione how dofficult they would be if staying.


Hungarian minister calls Uefa ‘pitiful’ over sanction for fans’ racist behaviourPaul MacInnes and Reuters 2 hrs ago Hungary’s foreign minister has called Uefa “pitiful and cowardly” and likened it to a communist regime after the decision to order Hungary to play two games behind closed doors.
The punishment was imposed after Uefa confirmed homophobic and racist behaviour by supporters at all three of the country’s Euro 2020 group games.
“The committee that makes a decision like that is a pitiful and cowardly body,” foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said on his Facebook page. “They should be ashamed of themselves. Just like in communism: no need for evidence, it’s enough to have unanimous reports.”
Scenes of Hungary fans in black shirts marching against players taking the knee, and supporters waving homophobic banners in the stands of the Puskas Arena, were two unpleasant images that lingered in the early weeks of the tournament. Initially Uefa appeared ambivalent about the problems. After announcing an investigation into events in Budapest, it prevented the Allianz Arena in Munich from projecting the rainbow symbol of LGBTQ+ pride before ermany’s match against Hungary, declaring it a “political” act.
But after the match, Uefa announced another investigation after reports of homophobic chanting and banners inside the ground. Now, with the Euros set to finish on Sunday night when England face Italy, Uefa has ruled that the Hungarian support had indeed engaged in “discriminatory behaviour” at all three group matches. Two were held in Budapest and the third, against Germany, in Munich. © Photograph: Zoltán Máthé/AP Hungary fans march towards the Puskas Arena in Budapest before the Euro 2020 game against France.Under the terms of the punishment, Hungary will play two games behind closed doors with a third suspended for two years depending on the behaviour of crowds on their return. The Hungarian Football Federation must also pay a €100,000 (£85,430) fine and display a banner with the slogan “#EqualGame” throughout the two crowdless matches.
The ban applies only to Uefa competitions and so will not come into effect until next summer in the Nations League. A two-game supporter ban is twice the punishment imposed on Bulgaria for the racist abuse directed by fans at England players during their European Championship qualifier in 2019.
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