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All change at Hamilton Hall

After 4 years working at Hamilton Hall, David is leaving.

Times are changing as the new year takes us into a new beginning and for all of us, this New Year will be one we will always remember and will go down in history.

David has been at Hamilton Hall for 4 years and has been the longest member of staff we have had - as 3 years was the longest before with Dale - ( a long time ago now ) and we say a very big thankyou to David for all his hard work, laughter, stories, fun and games and for being a friend as well as work mate.

It is not easy running a venue like this and especially catering to gay men, as some can be appallingly behaved and knowing how to handle those difficule people, David taught me a lot. His patience outsurpasses mine.. ha ha ... and glad to say most customers here are wonderful, return multiple times, know us like family and enter into the theme of what we are all about with gusto and pleasure and it makes working here - a pleasure, a real pleasure meeting such wonderful and exciting people week in and week out.

This last year has been hard for David as his sister died of cancer in the middle of the lockdowns last March / April and it was tragic he could not visit and hug and be there with her at the time and because of Social Distancing, even the funeral was hard, and he saw this as a time for change and is moving on with his destiny and does so with all our love and very best wishes for the future. He is here until the end of January and dependiong on what happens with lockdowns and social distancing etc. we are welcoming a new member of staff very son, and when that happens, I shall introduce him to you through this Blog.

Big Thankyou to David for all his love and friendship, hard work and the care and attention he brought with him to help Hammy Hall continue. This March 30th - Hamilton Hall has been open under John Bellamy ( me ) for 21 years (OMFG ) and we are open to new ways of doing things, new ideas, new cleaning routines, new input from you and whatever you feel is wanted during and after this pandemic as life will simply never be the same again, it will never return to ' normal' and we all will need to learn a new way forward, together - but togetjher we shall be there for each other and will move into this new age - together. Thankyou to David. With much love.

John Bellamy

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