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Am I wasting my time with you ?

I HAVE ADVERTISED SO MANY TIMES for an older man to do some part time work around here and while I know there are thousands of older gay men in the Bournemouth area - and where I know MANY need a little extra money - and where I know how many times I hear there is nothing aimed at the older gay man - and yet when you offer them something, no on shows up.

I advertised last week for a local cleaner / handy man / older retired man wishing to earn some extra money and enjoy a social life through here and not one single reply except from people in London or Brighton which is no use to me in Dorset.

If you are old and alone. Stay that way.
If you are in need of some extra cash. Stay that way.
If you want a better social life. Then stay that way.
You will stay that way as long as you do nothing about changing it. Stay that way if you expect others to do it for you all the time
Stay that way as I am not going to chase you so you can enjoy a social life.
Stay that way as it is - and always has been and always will be - UP TO YOU TO MAKE THE MOVE FORWARD.
I hear so much about how older gay men want this - want that - and how the ' gay scene' does not cater to them - how they want want want and hardly anyone offers them anything and when they do, they get pissed off at either so few take advantage or there are those who expect it all for free - and this astounds - and bemuses - when the alternatives are fuck all, loneliness, isolation, moaning about your lot in life - how everyone has deserted you - how you are alone - how you need so much - yet are unwilling to do ANYTHING to sort the problem - and sadly, you will be left on your own.

When I was 16 - my lover was 42 and we lived together and ran business' for over 8 years He had tons of older ( often miserable ) gay friends who always complained they were alone, complained they were broke, complained they were bored and complained all the time, and here we are 50 years later living in an open and free gay country where we do not have to hide - so tell me - why do so many old gay men hide from the outside world and do and say NOTHING to help themselves ?

Millions of LGBT around the world live in fear of being found out as LGBT and in many countries where LGBT FREE ZONES are currently being set up, one wonders WTF LGBT are suppose to do and where to go and what to do - and here we are in the UK with all the freedoms on offer and here are these older gay men NOT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF WHAT WE HAVE FOUGHT HARD FOR FOR DECADES and they stay hidden away , lifeless, complaining about being in isolation when here we are.

So the job is always open for an older man to apply for - A LOCAL OLDER MAN - and if someone applies and is good they will win a great prize but if not, it goes to some young student person who has attitude and doesn't want to work but will be financially better off than before, and fuck 'em if they cannot be bothered to look out for themselves and as old as some become, they have bought into their isolation and I am not bothered any more.

Fuck 'em.

I have tried hundreds of times.

I have offered so much.

I have more than bent over backwards for the gay scene and all as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and now it ends. If the gay scene cannot be bothered to look after itself - then why am I wasting so much of my time and my effort and my heart felt compassion - and HARD EARNED CASH - towards the elderly who are alone and often miserable.

No wonder so many gay venues close down.

No wonder the whole LGBT community is dying on its feet.

No wonder so many cannot be bothered helping as what gratitude, what understanding, what thanks do they get.


There are alternatives and is up to you to take it up. No one else.

If you cannot be bothered, then shut up and get on with it.



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