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An average day in the life of a sex worker - Me. X rated


Getting up most mornings around 9am - Friends would come round at 9.30am and we would walk round to the gym where we would workout until around midday. Home by 12.30pm and the fIrst client would come round soon after that.

I have added a few pictures here for you as the most read and viewed pages each week are the ones with male nudes on, so to keep you from getting bored, scroll down for some cock.

The first client of the day was just a massage and a wank, easy.

The second client an hour later was for bondage and discipline so the play room was used for this one and the room itself does half the work, just the fact that most people had never been in a play room / sex room / dungeon before - it scared and excited them at the same time. It was, after all, fully equipped for whatever sex scene you wanted and it would often scare the client to hell, oh they absolutely loved it and it was one of those sexually excited nervous times for them and it all added to the fear and the excitement - and the price reflected that.

I fucked him and he left sore and happy and I was £75 better off. This was 1987 when £75 for an hours work was phenominal.

Then an old man came for a massage and a fuck but he didn't get both, he got the fucking of a lifetime and left very happy swearing to return as he had had the best time ever.

I heard that a lot. I really was the best as believe me, like any market from plumbers to politicians, priests to porn stars, there will always be the brilliant, the very best - top marks and gold star and then there will be those who don't give a fuck and give anything the basic and who do not like their work and give it 10% - and it shows. Rude. Condescending, Attitude for days - looking at the ceiling all the time, and you are aware you are really not wanted. At the end they are very quick to take the money yet have opffered a shit service.

Next a fat middle aged man with BO - so put him in the shower first and he was fine with that and what a nice pleasant man he was. Not my type sexually but I fucked him anyway as that's what he came for and after his shower at the end and as I was not rushed to see another client, we talked for a while over a cuppa and he was amazed and so thankful to be asked to stay a little longer, but I could tell he was lonely and wanted to talk and be heard and seen - as so many people are invisible in this world and really want to be seen and appreciated, and I always took the time to do just that. He tipped £25 as well and told me he would return, as at least 90% of my clients did.

Next a young Brazilian guy in his mid 20's, tall and cute, arrogant as shit and so full of his own superiority it just made me laugh. Now, he may have been cute, but he was an asshole so he got the basic service. Oh he got what he wanted and ended up getting fucked, but it was a basic fuck with no bells and whistles as his arrogance put me right off and I didn't do certain things I might have done, it was just he was an asshole from the moment he walked in the door, not anything you could put your finger on, just an arrogant condescending prick.

He paid the correct money which I KNEW he thought I should be paying to him, but I took it and showed him out. He won't be back. I don't care.

Within half an hour my next client arrived. A short man in his early 70's all dressed in black and very smiley and friendly right from opening the door to him. He groped me in the hall which usually I didn't allow, but there was something about this elderly man that was --- fun. Took him up to the play room and he was down on his knees sucking my dick and I still was fully dressed and when I walked backwards round the playroom, he followed on his knees with his mouth glued to my dick. He was also fucked but this time it was with no attitude, no arrogance, he just enjoyed whatever I wanted to do to him and was very receptive and appreciative of it all, and between you and me, I had a LOT more fun with this old boy than I ever had with the cute young Brazilian because - quite simply - he was nice - he was easys, he was fun, there was no attitude and he tipped... ha ha

Bad or arrogant attitude just makes me laugh and I want to slap these pricks who think themselves superior as NO ONE is superior to anyone else. I don't care - I mean I REALLY DO NOT GIVE A FUCK if you are a waiter, brain surgeon, Bishop or on the dole... it is who you are as a person that matters and many rich and powerful people are cunts - right up their own asses, while many poorer people are more genuine and real, and easier to be with all round.

You see, some of the cute clients were so full of themselves they were actually selfish lovers and so - BAD SEX... BORING SEX... IT'S ALL WORSHIP ME... when that is not quite how it works and while sexual arrogance can be a turn on, in most cases it is so ONLY if the person is actually good at sex and considering most people come to me to learn and allow me to take control because many don't know good sex if it bit them in the ass and many are just too shy - so by me taking the lead and guiding them through the session, we would all have fun;- and when I met someone brave enought o actually ' take me on' and not need guidance as they just enjoyed and joined in and offered much in return.,.. FUCKING GLORIOUS... BUT oh so rare.

There was a gap in the afternoon and after dinner - half way through the evening, I got an 'out call' to the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane - as most outcalls were to the top hotels - and I always took a credit card confirmation on all ' out calls ' just in case there are any problems and at least I would be paid. Dressing in Ralph lauren, Bill Blass and Calvin Klein always helps get into an hotel - especially in the evening - as the hotel can refuse you entry if they suspect you are an escort but - they are usually on the look out for women - and a man in his late 30's is not what many assume to be ' on the game ' - (believe me - IT IS NO GAME ) and this never happened to me and I just swanned in and went straight to the elevators ( it helps to know where they are ) and was with the client in his suit for the next couple of hours.

These 'out calls' were always priced accordingly - a 5 star hotel meant it was top price with return cab fare and I could easily earn anything between £125 - £500 for the couple of hours spent. Sometimes they would want me for an entire evening and that was expensive and some times, just an hour or so of good sex and then they had plans and I would be paid and leave... It was never dull and I got to see many of the finest hotels in London and although I have actually stayed as a guest in some before becoming a sex worker - it always amazed how run down some of these places are and how they just survive on their past reputation. In those days, the Savoy and the Ritz both relied on their past reputation as they were both in need of massive investment and a complete remodeling as they were somewhat - stuck in the 1940's grandeur and splendor that simply was not good enough for the 1990's.

I would get home maybe by 11.30pm and as I walked in the door the phone would be ringing ( this was before mobile phones remember ) and yet another regular customer wanted to come round in an hour, which just gave me time to unpack from the outcall, shower, eat and be ready. As it happens, this late night caller was a regular and I really looked forward to seeing him as while he was a very famous theatre producer, he was also as hot as a penny and I REALLY enjoyed myself with him and had a ball. At the end of this session, he was laying on the floor of the playroom having just shot his load with me sitting on his face, and I stood up and jacked off all over him and as I came, I laughed - and he giggled with my laughter and asked why I was laughing... and I told him how I had just had the most wonderful time with him and he was about to pay me £100 - to which we both laughed like drains and shared a moment. ( Remember, when a sex worker genuinly tells you he / she has had a wonderful time and really enjoyed themselves, THIS IS A MASSIVE COMPLIMENT TO THE CLIENT, as having sex all day every day - 15 - 30 times a week, every week, year in and year out, means you are hopefully good at what you do and when the customer helps you really enjoy yourself, it says they are good at what they do and they are often chuffed rotten.

He was a sweetheart and liked the fact I was not interested in his fame at all, it meant nothing to me, and he was as pleased as punch I was not fawning all over him ( because he was famous ) or trying to hand him a script I had written, which he said was common and annoying. We woluld share a glass of wine at the end of the evening together and he would toddle on his way aftyer paying ( and always tipped at least £50 ) and by now I was spent, exhausted and ready for bed.

Cynthia Payne ( pictured below ) once said that most men would rather have a drink down the pub with their friends than make love to their partner, and there is a truth in this - many men are nervous and apprehensive about sex - not sure of themselves, their willy, their performance and many men are intimidated by sex - oh they want it and they do have sex but most the time, sadly, they DO NOT PAY ATTENTION AND THEY DO NOT LEARN and whether this is down to self centred arrogance or maybe they simply do not get it - but most men are pretty crap at sex and need someone to guide and choreograph what and where the session is to go next.

I may have earned a lot of money that day and the next day I might only do one client - so it was swings and roundabouts - but as a whole - each week I made a LOT of money - and always paid tax and invested it well. Unlike a lot of people in the sex industry, I always paid my mortgage, always put money into stocks and shares and always made sure I did not get lost and spend the lot of fast cars, posh clothes and expensive holidays. I also looked after a lot of people over the years who were themselves temporarily lost on their journey and would spend months on my couch while we helped get their act together, and with doing tons of voluntary work for various organisations, one way or the other, I was a busy bee.

Now: It was not all sex work., Many many times a client would arrive and have his session and while dressing at the end would chatter away and I often asked if they had time to stop for another cuppa and piece of cake and they were always amazed I wanted them to stay and I was not just in a rush to get them out as fast as possoble as that was NOT how I worked. Many times over a cuppa I would chat to them about whatever they had shared in conversation as VERY often, the sex was one thing but I truly believed that many - on some subconscious level - came to see me - the angels pointed them in my direction, not for the sex, although that's what they got, but all too often because those talks, those moments shared, was when I got to listen and give counselling as many needed someone to talk to, to share a problem with, - ' My wife doesn't understand me.' - when the fact is - as I would tell them - she didn't marry a man who liked to see men for sex - and it was HIM WHO HAD CHANGED NOT HER AND SHE WAS LOST IN FIGURING OUT WHAT WAS GOING ON... and often enlightened moment would happen within them as they saw what I was saying and ' got the point.'

Many lied to thmselves and as an ampath, I would read through the bullshit nd read the riot act at them and tell them to get their head out of their ass and grow the fuck up as all too often = grown men are little boys winging about their wife or boyfriend opr kids and - they seem to assume - it is not their concern and that they are the victim when they are a p[art of the relationship and they may well be the cause of the problem and I was not afraoid to read it as I saw it, and all to often I was spot on. It helped many.

Right: My dick - which over the years helped me earn a huge amount of money.


that's the fun title I use to joke was my job. Or:-


as that's another aspect of sex work, helping society from imploding. It's not all about sex and anyone who sees a sex worker - sometimes it is - just sex - and very often, it is company and friendship and to share a conversation and to meet a fellow human being who takes the time to listen and befriend, even if just for an hour or so. It can mean the difference between life and death to some - and it always moved me and does so even more now I remember back to so many - so many thousands on thousands of men I saw and - ha ha - that means a ton of laundry... and it meant a lot of lost men trying to find themselves. I was their saviour.

ENVY COMES IN MANY SHAPES AND MANY FORMS. And before the resentful haters, the jealous ones, those who envy so like to knock and destroy,- get their acts together, I paid tax - was COMPLETELY legal - kept my sanity, remained HIV Negative ( having NEVER EVER caught ANYTHING AT ALL while a sex worker and considering I had sex with tens of thousands of men - aint bad and this was between 1986 and 2000 -) I also was on the board of several groups and charity boards, helped those with HIV as a Buddy - was a Bereavement Therapist as a volunteer for 4 years, ran numerous gay groups as a volunteer - drove people to hospital appointments, shared and cared for many with HIV as they were - in those days - dropping like flies - and I was always the caring sharing person I am now, just younger and even more stunning than I am today .. ha ha. I always put something back unlike most people who take take take.

It was not just about sex and money - it was about sex and money and PEOPLE - as every client could have been me, in another life, another galaxy ( far far away... ) and I always gave of my best as - how would I like attitude and arrogance from the person I am paying for sex - and sadly there are a lot of fucked up men out there selling sex and - well - their service is a disgrace, their attitude fucked up and their whole reason not good and I know, and now you kow, the sex industry can suck a sex worker in and blow him / her out in bubbles - destroyed in many ways - mostly because of the fucked up clients abusing, and I was lucky that in my world, I would not stand for abuse and customers knew it so it almost never happened. I survived intact whereas many in the business - sadly - do not.

After a good nights sleep the whole thing started again., Another day. Another dollar... .. ha ha

Cynthis Payne. See the movie ' Personal Services.'

Point of interest: EVERY SINGLE MAN YOU SEE IS A TYPICAL CLIENT - ALL AGES, SHAPES, SIZES. AND THAT MEANS YOU - READING THIS RIGHT NOW - YOU ARE A TYPICAL CLIENT. Those that say they have no need or it would be below them to pay for sex ... fuck off... now THAT is arrogance as everyone at some time - gay men I mean - would love to be good enough to be a sex worker but it is not just the sex, you need to prepare for so much more. There is no such thing as a typical client as it is so varied from all walks of life and yes, I have seen scores of famous people, politicians, high up officials in the now defunct GLC, people from the ballet world, TV stars, theatre stars and producers, directors and even oscar winning actors and directors from Hollywood... no less... as well as shop staff, waiters, doctors, people out of work and spending their dole money - mega rich and even mega poor. All have a reason - all as different as each other - all as worthy as far as I am concerned and we helped each other on this jouerney called life. I never turned a client away as I always saw every one as worthy.

It helped get me to Hamilton Hall which I bought for cash.. and had enough for a remodelling programme throughout and now 21 years later, I do feel as if it happened to someone else, like in a dream, as THAT WAS ME ???

What an old tart I was... ha ha ... and what joy and happiness I brought to tens of thousands then - and even now - just in a different way. Some consider me like Marmite - spot on, you either love or hate and I have all the time in the world for the lovers and no time at all for the haters until they see the error of their ways and come around to being half decent people which, if they resented and envied less and was thankful for what life has offered / given to them, then they could be proud of their own lives and accomplishments and not resent others.

If you are thinking of going into the sex industry, come and have a chat with me here first as it really can suck you in and blow you out in bubbles, damaged beyond repair - and with a few sensible guidelines in place, you should enjoy years and years of sex work with few problems.

That was my day once - a long time ago now, and while I work as long hours at Hamilton Hall - 7.30am to at least 11pm earliest - I still offer that caring, sharing, intimate friendly approach and shall always be the same. I have HUGE AFFECTION for those years spent as a sex worker. I met some wonderful people as clients and as fellow escorts on my own escort agency - and really did have a ball. I lived the liufe that many - and I mean MANY envied and would have loved to have been goopd enough to have been a sex worker but belkieve me, it was not easy. ERmotionally it was draining. Physically is was great fun and can leave you a bit boired with ' average sex' as you experience so much of it. Sex work is adefionately NOT FOR EVERYONE AND HAS A MOUNTAIN OF PITFALLS, ILLEGAL THINGS, SAFE SAX AND SO MUCH MORE TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION AND IS HARD FUCKING WORK.



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