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an Old Dog.

This lady went to a shelter to adopt a puppy, then she saw this old abandoned blind dog who had spent already many years in his box without the love of a family. She went home with this dog.

Just look at her face. If you are not moved - if you just tut or look at the ceiling - then you are heartless cold and have lost touch with your humanity.

Honey, my Weimaraner is going for an operation some time soon as she has a large tumor on her thigh and being as she is 13 years of age, and being as I have lost animals under general anesthesia before - or from heart attacks when they come round - it is a risk. She and I have had our little chat and I have explained to her the risks and while I know I am talking to the wall, I think she knows.

So in the future, no way do I want a puppy at my age... too much energy and bounce which while fabulous and so sweet, is exhausting, and I might just do what this lady above did and choose an older dog that has found itself, for whatever reason, in a Rescue Centre and just want a ' last home' where she is safe and loved and cared for and not euthanized because no one wants the trouble. The love and the compassion between human and animal is powerful and who hasn't cried over a pet at some time.


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