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Anti-vaxxer hospitalized with COVID-19 after claiming vaccine would 'wipe out a lot of stupid people

June 01, 2021

Far-right Christian talk show host Rick Wiles has been hospitalized after contracting the novel coronavirus, less than a month after he said he would never get vaccinated.

Right Wing Watch reports that Wiles's TruNews website announced over the weekend that Wiles had come down with COVID-19 and was placed on oxygen while in the hospital.

Wiles last month told his audience that he was not getting vaccinated against the virus because he believed the vaccine was being used to commit a "genocide" that would wipe out hundreds of millions of people.

""I am not going to be vaccinated," Wiles said, according to Right Wing Watch. "I'm going to be one of the survivors. I'm going to survive the genocide... The only good thing that will come out of this is a lot of stupid people will be killed off. If the vaccine wipes out a lot of stupid people, well, we'll have a better world."

TruNews, perhaps sensing that news of Wiles's hospitalization would make his critics gleeful, warned of eternal damnation for anyone who is taking joy in his suffering.

"Already, the naysayers and mockers have started with their taunts," the website said. "Let them speak their foolish words and let them mock. It will only serve to be used to fuel their flames of torment in hell unless they repent."

John Bellamy Comments:
I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for this man or anyone like him.

I appreciate the fear and the panic and the complete melt down that many have experienced from the fear of taking an untested vaccine against a global pandemic some imagine is not real and that the whole thing is just one great big global hoax by the Illuminati or maybe the Bildenburg Group to mass sterilize the population and / or microchip us all so we are trackable - although I do wonder why,- as there are much easier methods these days than through a mass pandemic like this.

I do appreciate that Conspiracy Theories are often correct and right on the mark - but there are also times when you look at some of the people making these outrageous comments for others to follow, like this man above - Rick Wiles - and he absolutely and completely deservs to get Covid and he absolutely and completely deserves to suffer a long and painful death if he is responsible for the mass death of his parishoners blindly ( and damned foolishly ) following this 'preacher' - ( snake oil salesman ) as his ramblings have not only allowed him to catch Covid but in all probabilities a mass of his congregation will have caught it as well - and this man should be arrested for spreading a deadly disease during a global pandemic - and if he does not die from this, he should be cast out like the Fallen Angel - thrown out of Heaven - thrown out of the church and most of all, thrown out of peoples hearts and minds - and he should be remembered as the man who killed his church - through stupidity - through attention seeking, through pretending to be holier than thou and holier than Covid - a deadly virus that caught him by the cahonas and shut his rantings, hopefully in time before too many others get ill because of him.

When someone claims that Jesus will protect them.

When someonme claims a belief in the Bible will protedt them.

When someone claims to know how to cure you using bleach and disinfactant.

Then if you follow that person you are as stupid - you are as blind and you deserve all you get for being so thoughtless in a world where decent education is easily available and if some charasmatic handsome and powerful man tells you differently, ask yourself what has he to gain ? What is he after ? What profit is in this for him ? A presidency ? A church full of adoring fans - er sorry - worshippers ?




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