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Are priests of any religion actually doing God's work ?

An Oklahoma Baptist preacher angry the U.S. government isn't "executing" LGBTQ people and angry hate crime laws are, he claims, prohibiting "violent attitudes toward the f****ts and sodomites," is also suggesting he is acting like Jesus Christ by name calling.

"Now they want to execute judgment on the good who will disdain the abominable act of sodomy: you know, the faggots," Brother Salvador Alvarez of Stedfast Baptist Church in Oklahoma City preached on Sunday, as Friendly Atheist's Hemant Mehta reports.

"People who will have a violent attitude towards the f****ts and sodomites will be reported as having committed hate crimes," Alvarez lamented, calling it "a mixed-up justice system" that "needs to be called out."

"If they were to execute judgment, you know, that 'he beareth not the sword in vain,' where they execute, you know, executions, executions like the Bible says? They actually execute? You know, you don't go with a sword and you know, slap them. It's the sword to be able to have executions in Romans 13."

Alvarez suggests he is acting like Christ by "calling names."

"If they would actually commit executions on the pedophile, executions on the f****ts, on the sodomites. If they had executed, executed, you know, an adulterers are committing adultery with another man's wife then, then, we wouldn't have to call them out. There'd be no reason to call out a fox that is not a fox. But Jesus Christ wasn't afraid to call a fox a fox. He wasn't afraid to call names."


The Pope is no better. Over centuries the Pope has hidden pedophiles and abusers by the thousand. Mass murder. Mass executions. Mass bonfires. Mass torture of little children in the Magdalena Laundrettes ran by nuns. Help hide the Nazi's after WW2. The Church of Rome has so much blood on its hands, of INNOCENT PEOPLE and has actually helped thge murders , rapists and abusers to get away WITH THEIR HELP and then in cities like Boston where it was proven the Catholic Church owed over a billion $ in compensation for all the abusing priests, the church of Boston went bankrupt rather than pay those emotionally and physically harmed at the hands of the clergy, and it ewas all aboiut money and not the teatment of their followers.


I appreciate we could discuss the various religions for their past history and we could argue that one for days - but the fact remains, ARE PRIESTS FROM ALL RELIGIONS ACTUALLY DOING GOD'S WORK - or are they using the outfit like an invisibility robe from all blame and all thoughts of doing wrong - for as we see, God's helpers need a lot of guidance themselves as they are largely unfit for purpose. This is NOT just the Christian religions but all. Every single religion you can mention has abuse and more abuse of its followers and even within its own ranks and this is not God's doing - but mans. HOME PAGE



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