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Are you dumb or just unintelligent

The Dunning-Kruger effect is as follows:

"People with low skill levels draw wrong conclusions and make wrong decisions, but are unable to make mistakes because of their low skill levels".

Meaning: lack of understanding of mistakes made leads to a belief in one's own correctness and, consequently, to increased confidence in one's own decisions and in oneself, as well as to an awareness of one's own superiority.

Thus, the Dunning-Kruger effect is a psychological paradox that we all often face in life: less competent people see themselves as professionals, while more competent people tend to doubt themselves and their abilities.

The lower the skill level, the higher the self-confidence.

At beginning of their research, Dunning and Kruger called Charles Darwin's famous statement:

"Ignorance breeds confidence more often than knowledge"

and Bertrand Russell:

"It is one of the unfortunate things of our time that those who are confident are stupid, and those who have imagination or understanding are full of doubt and indecision".


Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, a Persian scholar, polymath and philosopher of the twelfth century, in one of his poems segregates the people into four categories on the basis of knowledge, total ignorance and common ignorance; stanza loosely translates as:

One who knows and knows that he knows,

Is a wise man, find him

One who knows and knows not that he knows,

Is asleep, wake him

One who knows not and knows that he knows not

Is a child, teach him

One who knows not and knows not that he knows not,

He is a fool, shun him


From experience, the more educated a person is - the dumber they are.

They expect the world. They patronise. They belittle. They act as if the world owes them a great deal.

Intelligence does not mean common sense as many intelligent people can be the dumbest and the most stupid with a complete and utter lack of common sense and empathy.

Intelligent people may have certain knowledge and skills , but ask many to do the simplest thing and they haven't a clue.


Many of the professors who live within the framework of any of the great universities - may be a genius in their field of expertise - but take them out of the Uni setting and talk about - basically - anything outside of their field of expertise and many of these professors are clearly on the spectrum and are helpless outside of the Uni and haven't a clue. Not a clue.

I met brilliant barristers, whose home life was chaotic and he lived like homeless person in a flat that was basic to put it bluntly and it looked more like student accommodation than a wealthy intelligent adult human being.

Chairman of the defunct *** lived in a flat with bare plaster walls and clothes hanging on hooks in the walls and no wardrobe. Clothes piled on chairs and it was a mess.

Some of the brightest people have the least academic qualifications, if any.

My Uncle had no degrees at all yet helped design the wings on the Harrier Jump Jet decades ago,


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