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At last, some common sense.

An IT worker sued her boss for sexual harassment after believing his use of "xx", "yy", and "????" in an email asking for more information was a coded way of asking for sexual relations.

Karina Gasparova also claimed that when Alexander Goulandris renamed a work file with his initials 'ajg' it was an abbreviation of "A Jumbo Genital".

The employment tribunal at London Central Court said Ms Gasparova's perception of events was "skewed".

Her claims were rejected.

'Chat her up'

Ms Gasparova was a project manager at the London office of essDOCS, a company that provides "paperless trade solutions".

She took the firm to the tribunal claiming sexual harassment, discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The tribunal heard she believed her superior, Mr Goulandris, was "trying to chat her up" when discussing business on work calls, and claimed he would stare at her.

It was also claimed that email correspondence from Mr Goulandris insinuated a desire to "engage in sexual acts".

Presented as evidence, the email from Mr Goulandris read:

"Can you please complete the following:

The solution us currently used by xx Agris companies and yy Barge lines in corn cargoes in south-north flows in the ???? waterways.

Also, can you remind me of what the balance of the rollout will be and the approx. timing.


Ms Gasparova, who represented herself, argued the 'xx' referred to kisses, 'yy' to sexual contact and '????' as a coded way of asking "when she would be ready" to engage in sexual acts.

'An alluring voice'

But the tribunal panel said it was a "genuine request for information" and did not imply any sexual nature.

Further allegations included Mr Goulandris saying "have a nice evening", in what Ms Gasparova described as "an alluring voice".

And she claimed he deliberately touched her hand when reaching for a computer mouse.

The tribunal said neither incident were sexual in nature and they were also rejected.

Ms Gasparova told the panel Mr Goulandris was "rich and powerful" and that a "man in his position would be too clever" to make any advances obvious.

She submitted a formal grievance letter in April 2021 against Mr Goulandris, but resigned after it was rejected, the hearing was told.

The claims from Ms Gasparova were called a "skewed perception of everyday events" by the tribunal panel, which also said she "demonstrated a tendency to make extraordinary allegations without evidence".

Ms Gasparova's claims of sexual harassment, discrimination and unfair dismissal were rejected and she was ordered to pay £5,000 costs to essDOCS.


John Bellamy Comments:

At last, some common sense and I am so pleased to see she has been ordered to pay £5,000 to the company towards their costs etc. GOOD.

So good to see that these people who scream rape, sexual abuse, violence and all sorts when it is fake, get some kind of comeuppance. All too often those who fake a rape / sexual abuse claim, or any kind of sexual misconduct, deserves all the worst that comes their way just as they were trying to do to someone else in return.

It does a massive dis service to those who are genuine and who have a real case of rape, as when these people fake it - ALL women get dragged into the ' IT'S FAKE' routine and people like Amber Heard - by lying and conniving to try and get Johnny Depp into trouble for abuse that was all proven to be untrue and made up by her, destroys DECADES of good work undertaken by abused women to get the police and courts to take them seriously, and now every time we hear about some kind of abuse aimed at a women and where she is putting in a complaint, we have to wonder if she is just another Amber Heard and lying through her teeth just to get some innocent man into trouble - or whether she is actually telling the truth.

Any kind of sexual abuse is wrong, but we need to be aware that women are just as guilty of giving abuse as any man, and we rarely hear of women abusing men as men are all too often embarrassed to admit it and come forward and many men are abused within their relationships and abuse comes in many different guises and is not just sexual or mental / emotional.


Dear john: 20 odd years ago I was in a sexually abusive relationship with my first - and only - wife. . On our wedding night my new wife announced we were not going to celebrate being married with sex as she had had more sex than she wanted and now she had the ring on her finger, she didn't want any ' of that any more.'