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Autumn Farm 2023 Revelations

Autumn Farm is a clothing optional establishment with nudity mainly occurring in the warm Summer months. Facilities are communal. There are no en-suites. The lifestyle here is eco positive with composting toilets, solar water heating, recycling of waste and inclusive social atmosphere. Meals are available on request or you can be self-catering.

Situated amidst our 1.2ha (3 acre) garden are a Campground, Lodge, Rustic Cabins and Dormitory. Autumn Farm is a perfect place to come to experience rural gay community, chill out in our beautiful garden, enjoy our swimming pool, interact with other guests or explore the amazing scenic wonders of Golden Bay.

( New Zealand )

Open all year. Reservations are helpful. Minimum two night stay over Summer Nov 1st to April 30th.


This year's Naked Week was an incredible success, with a whole host of organised events. A truly fabulous feast of naked fun and frolics. The week was officially opened with a Maori greeting to everyone who had travelled from near and far, binding us all together for the week. We would begin each of our mornings with regular meetings, so that we could plan our day's events, as well as distribute the famous BOY BUCKS. After each gathering we would hold an underwear auction, modelled by various members of the group, and for REAL WONGA this time, as we raised money for our outdoor showers to assist with swimmers washing before getting into the pool. Over both Summer Camp and Naked Week, we would like to announce that $1250 was raised by contributors. A GIANT thankyou to Nickypoo for providing the undies! We enjoyed Heart Circles and Tantric massage sessions in the gardens, and a great many visits were made to Doctor's Beach, as we took advantage of the sunny weather. On Tuesday night, the lights were brought down low, as two willing faces enjoyed the strenuous efforts of multiple participants in the bath house for an impromptu Bukkake party! On Wednesday, Dave was thrilled to be able to renew the greatly anticipated bus tour of Golden Bay, taking a sold-out full coach to Kiwi Spirits in Motupipi, sampling and buying various distillations of the Bay at 10.30 in the morning! Then it was on to Collingwood, for a coffee and pie-o-rama! It was then on to the Langford Store, with the heritage post-office, gallery and tea and cakes in Bainham, before driving back to the River Inn to sample their beer, before heading to our final stop at Roots Bar in Takaka Town...back in time for dinner!

On Thursday afternoon we held the White Party, as participants enjoyed an incredibly civil tea with games in the gardens...more on that later. Friday night saw the culmination of our efforts to accumulate boy bucks with the Fetish Auction, with much hysteria and trading happening to gain the best value for fetish money. On Saturday afternoon Autumn Farm dipped into the sexy world of porn movies, filming Truck Fuck 2: It's Massive! - the sequel to the 2022 blockbuster. Again, more on that later. Throughout the week, if you were very quiet, you would often see amongst the bushes and buildings, small gatherings rehearsing lines and practicing routines, or making costumes...

A huge amount of effort goes into creating the annual show, with Peter this year being helped by Alex and Donald. The curtain went up on Saturday night. First we had the surreally funny "He Said: A Robot Rom-Com", followed by a rich and varied group of participants in the Talent-No-Talent variety performance. Nickypoo artfully kept his true West-End talent hidden under a bushel as he gave his homage to Florence Foster Jenkins' trulyawful singing of "On the Street Where You Live" and Ross's clever re-worked "I'm Shy Hairy Alan, I'm Shy!", and Marc's extraordinary flute recital that literally had us all gasping for more!

And, as always, Naked Week was supported by a fantastic week of catering from the kitchen, delighting us night after night with a variety of dishes, and delicacies. Thank you to everyone for bringing such a wonderful amount of energy to Naked Week 2023!

The White Party Under the jacaranda tree on Thursday afternoon, many of us gathered there to gaily play badminton, chat delightfully about all things civil and tasteful, and nibble gently on a range of home-cooked delicacies, cakes and pastries, made by our participants, while sampling the odd glass of bubbly. For the occasion, we dressed mainly in white outfits from Autumn Farm's costume collections (with a couple of impromptu rainbows in our midst). Though the badminton turned out to be more friendly and symbolic, rather than fierce and competitive, we all enjoyed the effort, and partook of dainty sandwiches, scones, lemon cake, tiny Victoria sponges, and fruit umbrella skewers with chocolate sauce. During the matches there were plenty of squeals of delight as our shuttle cocks were banged left, right and centre. Funding of $500,000,000 Boy Bucks was secured, enabling the picture to proceed. The cast and crew assembled by the said truck, and under the directorship of Peter the action began. It quickly became obvious that the director's concept was redundant as evidently the cast were very experienced in this form of activity, that fluffers were unnecessary and very quickly the crew AND audience became engaged in a free-for-all orgy, happily filmed by Angelo.

Unfortunately Vimeo refused to add Truck Fuck 2: It's Massive! to our private channel. The only way it will be visible now, is to view it here at Autumn Farm, as any other platform would of course require permission from participants.

Future events On Saturday March 4 there will be the annual Golden Bay World Naked Bike Ride. Though the ride doesn't include Autumn Farm, this is still the only naturist style accommodation venue in Golden Bay from which to make your base. We are happy to transport bikes to and from the start or end destinations, and to host an after party BBQ. Email: ----------- Thank you for reading. Wishing you a happy 2023. Please forward this Newsletter to anyone you think may be interested. Peter, Pete, David, Dave and the Team .


i would dearly love to visit Autumn farm as it looks absolutely wonderful - and the grounds - oh I would feel I had died and gone to heaven.

Have you been there ? Do let us know.


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