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Average Penis Length Has INCREASED 24% in the Last 30 Years

These monster cocks here are something else. Believe me, you DO NOT find willies of that size very often. Running an escort agency for 15 years I had tons of stunning guys on the agency - in fact HUNDREDS over the years, and while many were hung for days, very few were monster dicks like below - and as the human penis is growing in size generation on generation, clearly these guys below are from a different world entirely.

Before you say they are fake, think again. I have met guys with 12 and 14 inches of dick. I have also met guys with less than 2 inches. Often the bigger the guy, the smaller the dick.

When does big become too big.

Too big to get in your mouth.

Too big to get fucked by.

Too big to hide in your trousers.

So do not envy as most these monster dicks may have a tons of fans running after them, for the dick, but there is little you can actually do when your dick is too big. BUT: Whenever I get requests for pictures, no one ever asks for small willies and besides, it doesn't matter what size you are as long as it works and you enjoy it. If it doesn't work, then find something else in life - as there will always be alternatives.

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