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It seems as if the UK has turned a corner and managed to come out the other side of this pandemic and while India and other countries are still struggling within a catastrophic death toll, we are coming out of it earlier than many.

I am not bothered who you voted for recently, and who you vote for in a genral election under normal circumstances, but it does seem that Boris and all his waffling has actually helped the UK turn a corner and by ordering plently of vaccines early - and cause a major problem for the EU who were caught with their pants down during a time when immediate action was needed and where they dragged their feet - and so started critisising the company that made the drug, the way the UK had a massive order in before the EU , the way the drug was inneffective and even had serious side affects - all goes to show how desperate - how absolutely desperate, the EU was to look to be doing something and not bringing up the rear in a manner which will leave them with their pants down.

Incompetant is the word.

Disgraceful that they even started denying the drug and promotoing side effects to scare their own people from taking it - when this lie - this absolute bullshit - was done to hide the fact they fucked up. Then they deny the truth to the people and thousands more will die because of these incompetant EU leaders who are paid a fortune to fuck it up big time.

The EU has shown itself to be incompetant during a national crisis and if they can show such concern for straight bananas, the same street signs and so much more and yet not share the same Health & Safety laws between countries - and if they demand we all adhere to the same laws while most countries do not even follow this and is just a joke - and where so much is suppose to be unified within the EU but quite clearly - like Polands making LGBTQ Free Zones - totally against EU laws and yet nothing - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - is done about it - and where France has very different laws for Hospitality Industry than the UK and where

many things within the EU are far from united - and the EU crumbles into a group of bickering countries with - at the moment - Ursula von der Leyen - left - as the president and who has completely made a mess of the entire vaccination programme for the EU and then blames everyone else but take absolutely no responsibility herself - shows exactly why we were right to leave the EU when we did and - actually - considering how we in the UK have almost all been vaccinated while a small % of EU member states have so far been done - it clearly shows that the UK is lightyears ahead of the EU in this vaccination programme and just as well we did our own thing and did not rely on this useless women to screw it all up and cost member states to loose tens of thousands of their populatioin because of their innability to do the job they are paid hugely to facilitate, and then like children, blame everyone else and take absolutely no responsibility themsleves.

That - Madam Ursula von der Leyen - is the most childish response - the most immature response and the most avoidance you could possibly show, and you then deserve to be terminated with no pay, no pension, no protection, nothing at all BECAUSE YOU FAILED - BIG ENORMOUS MASSIVE GIGANTIC TIME... YOU FAILED.


Many European leaders have acted in an appalling manner and where their mistakes have cost lives, many of them.

As much as Boiris waffles - we are out there in front - gaining every day as more are vaccinated and where the country will come out from under this pandemic faster than most EU coiuntries and we need to be thankful, VERY THANKFUL - to the government who seem to have done a very good job.

So well done all those responsible - from scientists to care workers - all accross the board, we have all been involved and all have a lot to say and here at Hamilton Hall, we are here to share the healing.

But then, it is not always about all those who helped as at least they had something to think about and to keep them busy.

The real victims here and the real heroes are those who have been in isolation for month after month, suffering in silence. Missing funerals, missing birthdays, missing family and friends and stuck alone for month after month and the damage this has caused will be hard to measure and comprehend and mental health will be a primary concern afterwards. These are the true heroes.



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