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Large or small. Tight or dangley, Hairy or smooth.

Balls are a wonder. Most men avoid any real sexual contact with their balls as they claim they are too sensitive BUT when you get into Ball Work, and when you learn what you can do with your balls, a whole new vista opens up for you sexually that you may have never explored before - and if any of you want to be good and exciting at sex - then you cannot ignore ANYTHING that may bring joy and fun and laughter and a hightened sense of feelings etc. be it your balls, your nipples, back of the neck, butt hole and even under arm or souls of your feet - and anyone denying ball work, simply hasn't explored their own body well enough.

I have various straps I put on my balls and can fuck ass with my balls as well as my dick, but then, they are quite dangley as two of the pictures below - of me - shows... can you spot which one ?

Shy little thing huh ?

Play safe. Do not hurt yourself and always be careful.


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