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Bare Backing

I was shocked recently when someone - on one of the sex sites -

asked me what BB and UNDETECTABLE meant.

I find it hard to believe that in this modern day and age of information at your finger tips from instant ' as it happens' global news - to the internet - we have ALL the answers at our fingertips - BESIDES - using your common sense and asking people, and most of all PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT IS GOING ON, and if you chose to live in a convent or a cave - and live the life of a hermit and do not pay attention and do not keep up and do not stay in communication with what is - and what is not - then you only have yourself to blame if and when you meet someone like me who not only will severely reprimand you for choosing to remain a dumb cunt - but I will firmly inform you as to what IS and what is NOT SAFE SEX - and what is common knowledge all around the world but for some reason, has missed you completely.

This guy said he did not know his HIV status and I had to ask - considering he was advertising on a site for Bare Backing even though he asked me what it meant, and if you are advertising yourself for sex and do so on on a bare backers site yet do not know your own status - then you are a menace, a danger, a fucking moron and someone who needs re educating and exposing.

We have had decades of death and destruction to our community. We have seen tens of thousands of our friends and relatives die of HIV / AIDS and those of us who were around in the 80's - will remember the panic and fear that swallowed up the gay scene - and here we are decades later with all the available knowledge and information and this fucking idiot knows fuck all.

I truly despair.

Naturally, I barked at him.

Told him he needed to educate himself.

Told him some home truths and educated him a little and told him how irresponsible he was being with his and other peoples lives and if I saw his profile again, I would report him to the group and they would close his profile.

RESPONSIBILITY - it's all about taking responsibility and some, clearly, know sod all about being a responsible adult and just see cock and bum and that's it.

If these idiots had been around in the 80's and witnessed the fear and the trepidation - the mass deaths and mass funerals many of us went to - if they could see how decimated the scene was at that time and each week someone else you knew was gone, or someone at work, or even a family member, then maybe, just maybe, these sexually irresponsible fools that abide by their own rules will see the error of their ways, get tested and GROW THE FUCK UP.

It takes a grown up mind to accept the inner truth

and it takes a childish coward to remain in ignorance

Now: if you do not like the language I use then you are also a cunt - for we are speaking about those who remain ignorant while the rest of the world educates and stays safe. We are talking about those dumb cunts who fuck their brains out and do not even know their HIV Status and are busy bare backing and putting others at risk.

We are talking about those who live in fear of finding out the truth and would rather remain in ignorance and put others at risk, and if my language offends more than the concept that someone may be dangerously spreading HIV through ignorance, then you are a cunt as well.




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