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Bashed in the head.

Dear John,

I'm so sorry to read what happened! I hope you're doing ok and those mindless thugs get their comeuppance before too long. I should certainly enquired as to your well being had I been there!

I intended to write sooner, but my mum has gone into swift decline since my return and I fear she may well not be with us much longer.

I wanted to thank you in particular and Woody also for my pleasant stay at Hamilton Hall. It was just the tonic I needed at a very difficult time and it was nice to meet Phil also. The kindness, generosity and warmth you showed me, plus the gratefully received freebies really touched my heart and I send you my sincere thanks.

I shall certainly be returning to Hamilton Hall and may well even make it a regular visit when breaks between continuing care for my dad allow!

Very best wishes to you all. Neil.


In all my selfish ways I never even noticed your head wounds and can only apologise for such short sightedness. I do sometimes get so wrapped up in my own little world of worries I do not notice blatant things happening right in front of me, like a friend with a badly wounded head. My apologies John. I will wake up in future,.



If you really were bashed on the head I do hope the crettins that did it are find soon. Robert. ( I pointed out to Robert it was the garage door that came down on me and knocked me out and not some bad boys... )


If I had been there I would have nursed you and made sure you were okay as we all know how important you are John and how without you, Hamilton Hall would not be the same at all. George.


Aww John I’m so sorry you’ve hurt yourself, I felt awful reading that and then as I carried on reading I did wonder if you were joking or not 😉.. I’d definitely go with the coronation story 🤪 I really hope you’re okay and you all have a wonderful bank holiday!

Take care, with love. K.


John ,sorry been away , but always keep a regular eye on your Sunday blog and especially your wank pictures with gorgeous eatable huge cocks .

I especially love black cock which you had a picture of today- thanks I came all over the place thinking about sucking his big black cock until he spurted his cum juice in my mouth ! Wow.

Will try and send you selfie cock pic. & always would enjoy looking at one of your cock pics. It's lovely and big and always gets me spurting.

You are a special man who always shares with others I applaud you for that.

Cheers Chris - a big fan.


Seeing those pictures: man, I miss your place. Had some wonderful times there. Home away from home. Constantly keeping an eye out for options to visit again.

One day...


Hi Mate

Been a long time thought I would say hello, back in Australia now working for Navy, yes surrounded by seaman and all yummy. Still have my place in London just trying to set up a place here to. Always loved my trips to see you and will try again in June/July 2024 when I do a trip back. Love your emails still always make me laugh. …..and I liked the one below.

My superior brain is bursting through my head as it needs more room to expand.


Hi John

Thanks as always for the horny newsletter. You are rightly fed up no one asked how you were injured. How did it actually happen? Hope you are healing OK. I was thinking of coming to a wednesday coffee morning.. Just so I come with the right expectation is it just about coffee or is there hugs etc as well. Guess if chily l we are in the lounge. Pete


Hi John so sorry to hear about your bash on the head. Hope you are recovering from it and the lack of interest caused by people. Not too clear how it happened but whatever caused it I wish you well. I have had some attacks to my head and was in Hospital following it. It happened in Gran Canarias a few years ago, alone at night. My partner said I was never the same but I felt no different. Happy days and enjoy that sunshine.



Head wound ? Brain bursting out of your head. Alien abduction. All sounds familiar. My garage door came down on my head more than once knocking me out each time before I actually spent the money and got a new one. Last time it was raining and my partner found me sprawled out cold - unconscious on the wet ground and we did giggle about it afterwards. I only popped to the garage to get a can of baked beans.



Those pesky aliens, when will they stop molesting us in this fashion. Maybe they recognised your superior intellect John. As we get older it takes longer to get over something like this and I wish you well. Barry



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