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This guy below was one of the first to be in Playgirl Magazine back in the 80's and I thought he was lovely at the time and still is - but as this was 40 years ago, if anyone has some more recent shots of him, drop them to us and lets see the differnce.

I have seen a video somewhere on-line of this guy below - hanging using just his balls to take his entire body weight and I use to hang up to 90 lb from my balls and could bounce the weight around and could have taken more - but as I was always afraid of tearing something, splitting something, and then I would be fucked ( not literally ) so I always pulled back when I could have taken more. As I have always said about sexuality - PUSH THE BOUNDARIES - NEVER STAY JUST SAFE SAFE SAFE WITHOUT TAKING SOME CHANCES, SOME RISKS - BY PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES AND GOING THAT ONE STEP FURTHER - BUT IF EVER IT HURTS, BRUISES, TEARS OR MARKS - THEN STOP - OR YOU ARE DOING IT INCORRECTLY AND AGAIN - STOP. As in life, if you always play it safe all the time then you will miss out on so much in life. If you take chances - if you test your bravery - and just ' go for it ' sometimes you may very well come out on top and if you do not, if you fail, you are a winner because you at least tried. Many resent those of do take a chance - many envy - many are jealous - but ulimately that's their lifes journey and not yours - as you are a maverick, a chance taker, and you will win every time.

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