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Bishop strips school’s Catholic status for flying BLM & Gay Pride flags

Bishop strips school’s Catholic status for flying Black Lives Matter flag

By Rozina Sabur

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is a threat to Catholic values, a US bishop claimed as he stripped a school of its status for flying BLM and Gay Pride flags.

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Scroll down for John Bellamy's Comments
Bishop Robert McManus says the BLM and Pride flags send a 'confusing and scandalous message 'The bishop of the diocese of Worcester in Massachusetts ordered a Catholic middle-school to remove both a BLM and Gay Pride flag from its campus after students, the majority of whom are people of colour, requested for them to be flown to express support for inclusivity.

Bishop Robert McManus told the Nativity School in Worcester, Massachusetts, that the flags sent a “confusing and scandalous message” and sought to “disrupt the family structure”.

“It is my contention that the Gay Pride flag represents support of gay marriage and actively living a LGBTQ+ lifestyle,” he said. “This is also true of Black Lives Matter.”

John Bellamy Comments:

This coming from the mouth of a man claiming to be a Man Of God - discrimination, being a bigot and offering fear based clap trap about God's creation that HE personally has a problem with whereas God - even in the Biblical writings DOES NOT.

He states - 'the flags sent a “confusing and scandalous message” and sought to “disrupt the family structure” - and to be honest, I have never heard such clap trap.

SCANDALOUS is a President who does not tell the truth and destroys peoples lives with his constant barrage of lies lies and more lies and what does this man of God have to say about hat - nothing.

SCANDANOUS is a Catholic institution that hides pedophile priests from the police and public by moving them around so they never get caught and in the diocese of Boston alone OVER 90 PRIESTS WERE BEING MOVED FROM CHURCH TO CHURCH to avoid detection by the police and then the church in Boston went bankrupt to avoid paying out any more money in compensation and so putting the middle finger well and truly up to all the families, children and women who have been abused at the hands of these priests and ONLY ONE ever went to jail while the Bishop moved to the Vatican and was never held accountable for being a pimp.

SCANDALOUS is a church who discriminates and sees nothing wrong in how black Americans are targeted by the police and white supremists and murdered - beaten and abused in public just because they are black and the while communities haven't a clue what is going on as they live a privileged lifestyle by being white... and in America... white rules.

SCANDALOUS is a Catholic organisation that beat and murdered thousands of children - by their nuns in Magdalene Laundries from Ireland to Scotland and as far away as Australia , and many other places and NOTHING is done to rectify and put right unless they are forced into a corner and then, it is a hollow apology as the church clearly - even now - doesn't give a shit. It just likes to throw its weight around and show us all how powerful it is.

And as for ' DISRUPT THE FAMILY STRUCTURE' - Over 90% of children DO NOT live with Mother and Father but in single parent households, brought up by Grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends, and sadly MANY ion social care where even more abuse is fostered - and very few actually have both parents at home offering that FAMILY STRUCTURE the church claims blacks and LGBT seem to lack.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that children brought up by LGBT are worse off than in a straight household, none at all.

We hear all the time of ill treatment and even death at the hands of straight people with their kids or their step kids - and you seem not to hear such stories emanating from LGBT families.

And besides, HOW MANY FATHERS ARE GAY and living the lie with their wife and to the world, it is the perfect 'straight family' while on the side dad is gay - and we all know that the vast amount of gay men have been, and many still are - married and with children, SO SAVE THE BULL AS IT HOLDS NO TRUTH.

But people like this smug faces Bishop Robert McManus lives and keeps the lie going and hides so many abuses under his cassocks and how many Bishops - so many priests and so many clerics know about the ab

uses and nothing is ever done.

Bigotry, homophobia and racisms is alive and well within the walls of the Catholic Church and one wonders who on God's Earth would want to be a Catholic when the very people within its ranks can be so evil.

But God is watching.

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