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Blame everything on Covid 19


So many companies are now offering an appallingly slow and inferior service and blaming it on Covid 19.

One company states on its main web site that if you call the company the average call time - BEFORE THEY ANSWER AND WHERE YOU WILL BE ON HOLD THE WHOLE TIME - IS ONE HOUR.

This kind of appalling service is NOT to be taken for granted as with thousands newly unemployed, why can't these companies employ more staff to take more calls so that frustrated and annoyed paying customers are not wasting an hour on hold when they should / could offer a competant and complete service and STOP BLAMING COVID 19.

I recently had a flood pouring through Hamilton Hall ( into the newly decorated Conservatory which broke my fucking heart after all the work and time spent redecorating it all myself ) and when I attempted to call my insurance company I was the whole day on hold several times while one department ( 28 minutes on hold ) then had to put me through to a different dept. ( 20 more minutes on hold ) and then yet again transfer me to someone else and it turned out I had been returned to the first women again and this was now beginning to REALLY piss me off...

They kepy blaming Covid 19 and as I pointed out, at NO TIME had they offered me any kind of assistance and afer 3 days of phoning and being hours and hours on hold, I barked that they had not even offered me a man with commercial dryers or ANYTHING... and the women did say then that they could get someone out to help and as stated

' It's 3 days to late - I used my own fan heaters and I am appalled and absolutely disgusted at how you abandoned me and offered NOTHING TO HELP - '

and when she tried to make excuses blaming Covid 19, I calmly asked her WHY Covid 19 was the cause of her company offering a very 3rd rate service while charging thousands of £ a year and then not offering the service signed up to, and all she kept saying was it's because of Covid 19. She couldn't and wouldn't give me a propper reason why Covid 19 was the cause except to say that many staff were in lockdown ( which was not true ) and that it was the best she could do.

I complained that her best simply was not good enough and that, maybe, I would ' do my best' to pay the montyhly charge to her company and she grabbed onto that one and stated that if I didn't pay it would close my insurance and I wouldn't be covered.

My answer was that it was okay for them to take the money and then offer a 3rd rate service and the only person who suffers is the one paying the bill. I told her exactly how I felt and how appalling her service was and that I was NOT PLEASED.

We shall see where tis leads as I am still sorting the damage out and with absolutely no help or input from my insurance company.

What a load of tossers.



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