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Bournemouth, Britain's best beach

Bournemouth Beach voted the best in Britain - again.

A poll for WWF-UK & Sky Ocean Rescue discovered during a recent survey that people are fans of the coast because of the coasts magic powers - giving a sense of freedom, clearing heads and de-stressing.

Two thirds of us feel a deep emotional connection with the coast and many have missed it in lockdown.

It seems the first place many head for when the weather is good, is the coast.

The list of the top ten beaches in the UK are below.

It took me an age to download each picture of each beach in turn... and some think putting this Blog together is easy.. ha ha

1 - Bournemouth - Dorset

2 - St. Ives. Cornwall

3 - Bude, Cornwall

4 - Blackpool Beach

5 - Whitby - Yorkshire

6 - Brighton - Sussex

7 - Newquay - Cornwall

8 - Tenby - Pembrokshire

9 - Bognor Regis - West Sussex

10 - Filey - North Yorkshire

You will notice how some of the top ten beaches are actually just all stones, like Brighton and Bognor Regis. On the south coast many of the Sussex beaches are all stones whereas Bournemouth and going down to Cornwall and Devon the beaches are sand.

I may be biased, but Bournemouth is the most forward looking, moving with the times, modern and up-to-date seaside town we have in the UK, as many are stuck in the 1950's / 60's while still holding onto the old Victorian glamour that has sadly faded. Many have a long way to go to bring themselves into the 21st century and many - like so many of the smaller seaside towns that died a death when jet planes started taking holiday makers to Spain and not to our own coastal towns. Many who have little to no tourist any more, have become old folks homes like Eastbourne and where London boroughs put their homeless - like in Hastings, because the rents are lower.

With multi milions of investment - all these towns and beaches are worth your while this summer and keep your money and your good health in the UK, as why chance cramming onto a plane with hundreds of others... and riosk 2 weeks of lockdown when you arrive home - when you can enjoy a holiday just a couple of hours drive or train from home. ----------------------------------------

If you have another beach to add to this official list, let us all know.



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