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Brill Blog !

Here are some of this weeks e mails from you.

Hi John

Brill blog! I was particularly moved by the article on Mother’s. I lost my own Mum in 2016 when she was 95! There is simply no one who will ever fill the space when you loose your Mum! For those whose Mum is still with them, I implore them to say what needs to be said as it’s too easy to have regrets once they’re gone!

As regards the naked men: you excel yourself!

The naked groups were marvellous and are a good starting point for delicious naked fantasies! On the other hand, the naked drivers give rise to a whole different sets of fantasies! Motorway journeys would be so much more interesting if everyone had to demonstrate nudity and services would suddenly become really fun places! Can you imagine planning a journey in terms of cums per mile! By the way, John, how is your mobile home conversion going?

I’d love to hear that you’d completed it and we’re touring the country totally naked! It might be a stiff trip!!

Thanks for the brilliant blog and the outstanding wanking material that you provide for all of us boring old wankers!

Thanks John! Keep it up!!!


As usual I thoroughly enjoy your weekly Blog and thankyou for thinking of me. The wank material keeps me busy for a couple of hours every Sunday afternoon and the articles I read during the week and I always find stuff on your Blog that I never see elsewhere, so thankyou for that.



I started this email a long time ago and now must finish it before anything else gets in the way. I often think of you.

I don't expect you to remember me, but I did stay at HH several years back. I had a really enjoyable time and especially remember two things - the deservedly strong telling off I received for my too early arrival and your kindness in driving me to the station to resume my travels after my stay.

I always read your weekly newsletters and have been dismayed at the health problems you've had recently, the death of your dog, your disenchantment with how things are in the U.K., and the world in general, I was born in England (Woking) and came to Australia 55 years ago. Things have certainly gone to pot here in that time, just like they have everywhere. Back in the 1960s Australia, like England, was safe, with a laid back atmosphere and people who worked hard and were friendly and prepared to help to help each other if necessary.

Like you, I have no time for political correctness and the financial greed which has invaded the world in which we live. Regarding the recent Greys Golliwog Saga, which was unbelievable, my partner and I bought two golliwogs in Tasmania and I still have them at home. My mum even dressed me as a golliwog when I was a young boy for a kiddies' fancy dress party.

In 1981 I met an Australian man. We stayed together because we communicated, respected each other. didn't judge or criticise each other and, most importanly, loved each other. We still do. However, he developed a condition called scleroderma which he was able to cope with til about three years ago, when he went downhill so rapidly that I felt unable to care for him properly. So now he's been in care for almost six months. I feel as if I've shelved one lot of worries but have another load to deal with.

You've had your fais share of helth problems recently andI can empathise with you about your prostae cancer. I too developed it and had a prostatectomy 18 years ago. Still have the cancer, have regular 6 or 3 monthly blood tests and my PSA has been no cause for alarm so far.

Like you, I have emotional ups and downs but have always had an optimistic outlook on life and refuse to let things swamp me psychologically.

Keep up your good work for gay men as long as you can. If I still lived in England I would return to Hamilton Hall at least annually and for your special events.. It's a great shame certain guests and prospective guests can be so difficult and expect much more from you than they deserve. Continue to give such men the boot in no uncertain manner.

Love always,

Michael B.


OUTSTANDING JOHN - your naked groups last week were outstanding. So many men and so many cocks and I spent ages on each picture judging which was the most handsome, hung, built and it was such a good game to play on my own. Thanks for that.



Oh John - Last weeks naked hairy men was the best. So many hairy asses just made me dribble. I had so many wanks - so many - so thanks . Drew


I don't always agree with you John but I have to say i don't know of anyone except maybe Peter Tatchel who does more for the gay world. You certainly put yourself out there every week with this Blog and I know exactly how hard it must be with running a venue as well.

Andrew ( Glasgow )


I found your web site this week and have spent many hours reading through as there is so much on offer. Sorry to read about your sister and the sex industry. I had no idea and it really interested me. The piece about your Mother moved me dearly. You certainly wear yourself on your cuff and are not afraid to share everything with us all. How good that is. Nothing fake like so much these days.

Keep it up. Heinz ( Netherlands )


Why have you not been sainted yet John. All you do for others. I remember Bryan Derbyshire and all he did for the gay rights movement and yet nowadays, who the fuck has ever heard of him yet he was a major player in gay rights. How quickly the world moves on and people vanish into history without a trace. You however will be remembered John. Lawrence





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