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British Heart Foundation is a DISGRACE

I offered the British Heart Foundation some almost new furniture - 3 chest of drawers, and a dining table - all as good as new, and an appointment was made to collect them 2 weeks later.

They chose the date and I was surprised it would be as long ahead of time.


Especially annoying as we humped them downstairs and put them in the Conservatory ready for collection and waited in all day - wasting my time.

When I phoned and complained I was told they they do not collect from my postcode on a Saturday, yet it was THEM who made the appointment and chose the day / date for collection.

I complained loudly as the attitude from the women ( need you have guessed ) was uppity, condescending and patronising, and she only apologised after I said she owed an apology and even then it was contemptuous.

Why is it that every time I have any dealings with charities, I get fucked around ?

The Terrance Higgins Trust and The Elton John Foundation - both absolutely abused me some 15 years or so ago with bad service, inconsiderate and patronising manner and where they both absolutely turned everything I offered around to suit themselves and was NOT what I was offering, and I withdrew £1,500 to each - for free holiday periods for their service users as I was sick of the manner offered.

What astounds, is the arrogance offered - the condescending attitude as if they do not need donations, as if they are above the rest of us and as if because they work for a charity, they think they can act in this manner as it's a charity and we have to put up with it -


I contacted another local housing charity and while I was informed they no longer collect or accept second hand furniture, the women was absolutely charming and really pleasant and THAT is how it should be.

So I put the items out on the car park and guess what - they went within an hour.

So the British Heart Foundation can go fuck themselves with their incompetent ignorant manner and I shall never donate to them again.

When we try and ' do the right thing' and when we try and offer charities donations and when we want to do good and are met with uppity rudeness, as if we are no more than a smell under their noses, and this is not always offered by women surprise surprise, then we can always go elsewhere, as I did and they go without.

Some people are just assholes, period.


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