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British lawmaker claims men are being forced into crime because 'Doctor Who' is a woman

British lawmaker claims men are being forced into crime because 'Doctor Who' is a woman David EdwardsNovember 25, 2021

A British member of Parliament claimed this week that men are being forced into committing crimes because fictional male characters like James Bond and Doctor Who are being replaced by women. During prepared remarks on Thursday, Tory MP Nick Fletcher made the assertion that "men need to have their own identity."

"Everywhere, not least during the cultural sphere, there seems to be a call from a tiny yet very vocal minority that every male character or good role model must have a female replacement," he complained. "One only needs to look at the discussions surrounding the next James Bond."

"And it's not just James Bond," the MP continued. "In recent years, we have seen Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Luke Skywalker, the Equalizer all replaced by women."

Fletcher went on to insist that most male role models are now villains. The warped history of self-defense law reveals a legacy of privilege "Is there any wonder we are seeing so many young men committing crime?" he asked. "These programs make crime look cool. Trust me, a lifetime in prison is not cool." Actress Jodie Whittaker made history in 2017 as the first woman to play the iconic Doctor Who character.


John Bellamy Responds. When I first read the title to this piece I thought it had to be American news as this kind of thing you hear all the time - some daft and crackpot member of the Senate coming out with so many daft things, but when I read it - WOW - THIS IS IN THE UK ? Having read the report I can - understand where he is coming from. All leading male iconic parts are now being taken by women and one question:- Are men to take over any leading woman's roles, like a gay couple on Romeo and Juliet or another version of 'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane' with two men in the roles of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford ? Are we being offered a women cop instead of Bruce Willis in remakes of all the Die Hard ( silly ) movies and are we to one day find women in Jesus camp as his disciples or even a film about the life of Jesus but it is played by a woman. I agree, boys of today have no role models any more except maybe some football players - as what other male role models do we have - Politicians - Vicars - Cub Scout leaders - people off the telly like Jimmy Saville -

The point is so many books and screen plays are written for men and a women does not fill the part, and

one would not expect to see a man in a movie giving birth.

When is this madness going to find a level playing field because at the moment, the pendulum has swing too far one way and needs to find a meeting place in the middle.



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