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I recently returned from a great week at British Naturism's "Nudefest 2022". (4-11 July) held once again at the excellent Thorney Lakes Camping and Caravan Park near Langport in Somerset. I'd enjoyed 4 days at the 2021 event so much (despite poor weather) that I decided to make a whole week of it this year.

No regrets. The weather was much kinder to us this year and Nudefest fuses an incredible line up of daytime activities and nightly entertainments across multiple venues for 500 or so attendees. (Go to and search "nudefest" to have a look at the photo galleries). Daytime activities (if you wanted) included Yoga, life drawing, archery, Tai chi, cart rides, a photography workshop, keep fit, meditation, off-site walks, and a visit to a local cider brandy brewery/distillery. And yes, we were naked for all of these - INCLUDING the Cider Brandy visit where a naked 50 or so of us on that visit had the process explained to us by a very handsome, well-built and equally-naked young man.

I may have forgotten some of the details of his explanation of the process, but many other details are permanently etched on my mind! Certainly, I will return next year, to refresh my memory, and fill in any gaps.

Nightly entertainment? Well, a wide variety of music in three venues over the week to suit every taste, (from Reggae through Blues, Disco and party bands) as well as a headphoned "Silent Disco" on three nights (ridiculous, but fun!), a couple of surprisingly good karaoke sessions and the Nudefest Circus, an incredible show of juggling, balance and tumbling. (And in another memorable moment for my memory bank, watching a lithe, naked circus performer on stage, his genitals twirling as enthusiastically as the giant hoop he was in. Absolutely nothing left to the imagination there!)

Oh! Must mention the "Magic Teapot", a quirky tent-like erection (careful!) where a brew and an open fire is available all through the day until 2.00am in exchange for just a donation. This is the place to go anytime for a sing-a-long , with delightful young (naked) staff and acoustic musicians (also naked, of course!).

There was always something to do, and a great sense of community with the 500 or so naturists camping, glamping, caravanning and motor-homing there- even if you decided to do nothing. If you want to get the full picture of the Nudefest week go to that BN website I mentioned and search "Nudefest"as I said.

It is, of course, a mixed event (roughly 65% male 35% female) and if you're squeamish about women's "bits" this is probably not the place for you (and definitely avoid the "downward dog" poses in yoga) but the plethora of Rainbow Flags in evidence lead you to be in no doubt that this a gay friendly event - but not a Gay one. Rules about "appropriate behaviour cut both ways - would you be happy seeing a nude heterosexual couple making-out in front of you? Possibly not in many cases, so it's not unreasonable to keep any "inappropriate behaviour " out of sight of others. (I did!)

All-in-all, a great experience being able to be naked all day for a whole week, no self-consciousness, no embarrassment, all ages, shapes and sizes there, being themselves, and doing their own thing. Refreshing, and yes, life enhancing!

Can't wait for Nudefest 2023!




Thorney Lakes - Home

Really nice site situated in great location for travelling around South Somerset & the West Country – easy wide open spaces to camp or park up – Owners very helpful & supportive during visit – as well as the campsite with its excellent showers & toilets complex you have freedom to explore the lakes which are a delight for accompanied children & adults to explore.




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