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Researching for a previous article on here I came across a picture of Bruno - probably from the 1970's and was fascinated to see how he had changed over the decades. Seems nature has been kind.

and these pictures below are some decades later :-

Sometimes life throws a curve ball our way and this can be difficult for some to handle. Some stunningly handsome people grow old and ugly and change beyond recognition, while others mature beautifully and while changing, they do so into something else equally as beautiful, even if different.

Sometimes you see a picture of a film star from decades ago and then a more current picture and gasp at how they have aged. Porn stars are the same.

You wonder and wank with them in their prime, in the videos and magazines and they are eternalised in all the prime and in all their breauty for all to see, but as soon as that camera goes CLICK, the body ages from moment to moment and before you know it, 30 or 40 years have passed and - OH MY GOD - What happened to my washboard tummy and my pecs :- What happened to my skin, once golden brown and not covered in moles and blotchy bits - as well as being wrinkly even on my legs... Hair growing thin and as we age various bits and pieces change shape, willy doesn't get as hard and butt may even leak occasionally;- it's an age thing.

Bruno above was a big name in the 70's and 80's porn industry of America and he was so hot... I found these old and more recent shots of him to share and show that with a little effort, we can all keep looking good, keep looking sexy, keep looking forward and not give up...

Bruno, I'd still wank with you any time... You're still a horny sexy 'older' man... just like me... lol


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