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Colt Studio Model Gay Porn Super Star,


Known Aliases: Years Active: 1970s

COLT STUDIO INFO FROM BRUNO: Monday, May 10, 2004:

I worked with Colt first and later with Lou Thomas at Target. I live in Florida and when moving down from NYC, the movers lost a box with videos and would like to replace then….. I worked under the name of “Bruno”

excerpt of Interview by Mark Zweigler, Mandate March 1979:

Born in Cuba, moved to Miami, when he was 10 years old. Once interested in professional weightlifting titles, Bruno changed his mind. “What do you really have if you’re Mister America? …Yeah I had a sponsor …who wanted to keep me. But being kept means you have to do everything they want.”

Bruno had his first pictures taken when he was eighteen.

“This guy was putting a book together, and he asked me if I wanted to be in it, and I said yes. It was sole nudes of myself and of a few other guys, but no contact.”

No other photos were taken until Bruno met Jon Target, who was working for Colt Studio, before starting his own company.

“He gave me his card, and said that when I was ready to model to give him a call. About two or three months later I called him and went to New York. Then I went to California to be photographed by Rip Colt. Both sets of photographs were used in the Gallery magazine that Colt did on me.”

Bruno claims he didn’t have to do any pretending in Target’s film Special Handling with Roger (according to Jon Target “It shows”).

“I had a good time with Roger, even though he is not gay. He’s married now. But he gets into the scene, and gets a hard on. For him, it’s more acting than anything else. (Roger) just turned me on physically. I didn’t care for him as a person. I mean, he’s nice, but I don’t really like to deal with straight people that much. He’s nice enough that he understands the scene. At least he’s not one of those macho types.”

“I have a degree in business and a job in the rate department of the airline, so I don’t have to depend on that (Judge at a Groovy Guy contest) sort of thing. I had an offer from a guy in England to do a gay version of Grand Hotel, but I didn’t care for the people he wanted to use, like Peter Berlin. Besides, my lover gets very jealous when I go on those assignments.”


I always fancied Bruno right from the first time of seeing him in the 70's and he has certainly aged well, if you scroll down.

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