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Burt Reynolds

I so fancied Burt Reynolds decades ago and so thought he was hot ho hot - and hairy as well...

He played some dramatic rolls and he played comedic roles and for that, I loved him. Many serious actors do not do comedy but he showed us that a masculine manly men can be funny as well as butch...

Watching this video on his life was fascinating and to see him when he was so young and athletic and then so old and wrinkly - where the drive, the passion, the umph of life has depleted through the decades and through life hard and easy experiences - all leave a ark on your soul and on your energy and as age advances and you realize the best years are beyond you, it can make you tear up.

He was so handsome.

He always regretted doing the Playgirl Centre fold naked picture as he thought it ruined it for other acting roles.

So which was your favourite Burt Reynolds film.


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