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Busiest beaches in the world. ( oh really ??? )

BOURNEMOUTH'S famous seaside has been named one of the busiest beaches in Europe, coming second only to Crete in Greece.

Dorset appears twice in the top ten list of beaches, with Lulworth Cove and Door and Bournemouth beach featuring.

The popular attractions were two out of four locations in England, alongside Fistral Beach in Cornwall and Woolacombe Beach in Devon.

Travel website The Thinking Traveller analysed Tripadvisor reviews, filtering by keywords and phrases linked to overcrowding, such as “too busy”.

Each location was filtered for mentions of the words ‘busy’ and ‘crowded,’ and were combined to determine which spots had the most mentions.

Bournemouth beach rated 796, following Crete’s Elafonissi beach at 940 mentions.

Here are Europe’s top ten busiest beaches, according to The Thinking Traveller analysis:

  1. 1) Elafonissi Beach Crete, Greece 940

  2. 2) Bournemouth Beach Bournemouth, England 764

  3. 3) Fig Tree Bay Protaros, Cyprus 696

  4. 4) Playa de la Barceloneta Barcelona, Spain 667

  5. 5) Navagio Beach (shipwreck beach) Zakynthos, Greece 640

  6. 6) Playa de Levante Alicante, Spain 576

  7. 7) Fistral Beach Cornwall, England 403

  8. 8) Woolacombe Beach Devon, England 386

  9. 9) Red Beach Santorini, Italy 385

  10. 10) Lulworth Cove and Door Dorset, England 379

John Bellamy Comments: The trouble with this kind of survey is that we locals know the truth. The tourists congregate between the piers of Bournemouth and Boscombe and yet there is miles of empty beach that is ignored as it is - maybe - a 10 - 20 minute walk from the piers - and actually easier to park - and where there is more space - yet so many cram themselves together like sardines.

You take Studland - the naturist beach - To get to it you either drive for an hour - or you take a ferry across the opening of the harbour. Once the other side - is a vast expanse of beach leading to the Naturist Beach - and yet people sit right there - just off the ferry... with everyone walking past them to get further up the beach and they seem unaware they are sitting in a motorway of people and on a typical sunny day, THOUSANDS will pass that way and there is a family with kids sat right there...


So it is actually hard to decipher what is busy and what is not and when tourists complain the beaches are too busy, THEN FUCK OFF SOME PLACE ELSE - as ' day trippers ' do not spend money in the town - no hotel booking and other than maybe an ice cream and paying to park, that's all they spend while moaning it's all too busy. I am always astounded when tourists complain a place is full of tourists - HOW DUMB, HOW ABSOLUTELY DUMB, CAN ANYONE BE.

And besides, everyone has the right to sit on the beach and if you are making it too busy, and if you complain ' there's too many tourists - the beach is too busy ' - then take yourself out of the equation and bugger off.

If however you are staying at Hamilton Hall, you can always stay in the hotel garden for the day and enjoy some naked sunbathing here and avoid the crush found elsewhere on those long hot sunny days we get occasionally... Our garden is a wee gem and an absolute delight both days and evenings;- and when we light the candles in the evening it is a magical place to relax and laugh with other guests and no crowds.





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