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Candles as a heat source this winter

You do not need telling what this is ... This is an upside down terracotta pot, help slightly off the ground to allow air flow, and 3 or 4 night light candles lit under heating the interior of the pot, which then radiates heat like a small radiator.

It is a cheap and easy way of adding a little extra heat to your room as long as you keep the windows and door shut and

always take care when dealing with naked flames / candles etc.

The more candles you have the hotter the pot will be and I usually find 3 or 4 night lights offer a very good warmth and if you use the right ones, ( I use Ikea ) they burn for up to 3 - 4 hours.

The pot does get very hot so keep away from children and those who don't know what it is and save burning yourself and others. Keep clear of curtains and other flammable objects dangling close by. Keep a certain amount of ventilation in the room and stay warm this winter.

If you have elderly neighbours - do check they have enough blankets - hot drinks - and ways of staying warm as with the costs spiraling out of control, many will die this winter rather than put the heating on and it is up to you and I to keep an eye on those we know may be vulnerable.

If you can suggest other cheap alternatives to staying warm this winter that does not involve using your gas and / electric, drop us a line at


John - My old Ma sits watching TV in the evenings in a freezing cold house but she is wrapped in an electric blanket and is toasty warm. No use heating the whole room - no use wasting electricity heating a whole area when it is just her alone that needs to be kept warm. Same in bed. She has an electric blanket on low that keeps her warm enough to sleep and not waste too much power. I appreciate it is using electricity but nothing like the amount if heating a larger area.


John: I thought maybe of getting a couple of boy scouts and rubbing them together to keep warm. Ricky.

( ha ha .. love the joke... )

John: I have moved my TV from the sitting room into my bedroom and on these cold nights I go back to bed and watch telly with a flask of hot cocoa and I sit up in my dressing gown, and have a large bath towel in the bed with me like a blanket to snuggle around me, and I stay nice and warm. Why waste heat in the sitting room when I generate my own warmth with good bedding and it is cosy.

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