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Celibacy V Sexuality

When we start to talk about sex, I have to start by saying that most people are scared of sex - apprehensive and worried - concerned - that it won't stay hard - is it clean - will I leak - am I any good - will they think my willy too small - will I fart in the middle - what if it goes down in the middle - what if my vagina / penis smells bad - I have too much pre cum and this turns people off - my vagina is usually dry - do I have fresh breath - and so much more.

Cynthia Payne once said that most men are scared of sex and she would be right. Most men are apprehensive and a wee bit scared and nervous of sex, and put on a show, a front, of not being so and then they cannot get a stiffy and many complain,- when it can happen to anyone.


Celibacy is a chosen path for many for very different reasons. But is it right for you ?

Is celibacy a correct path forward ?

Like Veganism - it has its for and its against. Like many things in life where we are given a choice, some go to extremes and totally ban anything meaty from their lives and this means no leather shoes, no milk or anything and this lifestyle can be very hard to cope with full time.

Same goes for celibacy.

For some it may be an easy road to walk as some are not that sexual - while others are sexually confused - and others see the power and the strength is celibacy and make a choice and follow that choice.

But for most of us, celibacy is not a viable option at all.

Even though we may not have sex that often, we still like to play occasionally and even wank alone.

There seems to be a mountain of attitude from vegans towards meat eaters and this abusive dismissive ignorance does them no good at all and then they wonder why meat eaters reject veganism when it is the very vegan people who do not do their cause much good at all. The arrogance. The attitude. The put downs and the snide remarks are not called for - as bully for them for enjoying a lifestyle but DO NOT throw that down other peoples throats as then you are no good to anyone and will be ignored.

You made the choice, now live with it and do not look down on others as that patronising manner serves no one.

There are celibates who look down on sexuality as backward and anyone still engaged in sex - according to some - is unenlightened and backward and I do point out that if we were all celibate then we are all fucked - er - or UN FUCKED, as society will dwindle to nothing at all.

What are the two types of celibacy?

Celibacy is practiced in a variety of different contexts. One type of celibacy is sacerdotal, the celibacy of priests and priestesses. ...

Another type of celibacy is that associated with monasticism. ...

Institutional celibacy for women ( nuns ) and men ( monks ) is also typically conceived of as an aid to spiritual advancement.

Is it unhealthy to be celibate?

Humans were meant to have sex. But just because sex is good for you doesn't mean that abstaining from sex is bad for you. With the exception of obvious conditions like vaginal atrophy that are directly related to sexual abstinence, no studies directly link celibacy to poor overall health.

Does celibacy include kissing ? Celibacy is a voluntary choice and you can decide how you want to practice it. Celibacy generally means abstaining from sex (usually penetrative sex) voluntarily. Ideally, celibates must stay away from everything related to sex, such as kissing, cuddling, snuggling, or touching sexual parts and many mixed organisations like the BK's - rely on men and women always being fully clothed and nothing sexual showing, and if living in mixed company, men and women are usually separated from each other in their living area so will only be seen once dressed and out and about. ( sounds about fine with me... )

What does celibacy do to your body?

Experts told Insider months without wanted physical touch can have adverse health impacts like increased anxiety, depression, and trouble sleeping. Lack of physical intimacy can also lead to touch starvation, which can contribute to loneliness, isolation, and even compromise your immune system.

What does celibacy do to a man?

Men who practice celibacy – even for a short time – often see increased testosterone levels and feel more intimate with their partner if they have one. It can give relationships time to blossom as friendships, before complicating them with sex. This can allow for a deeper connection with your partner. However: That is not often the case with gay men who tend to have sex first, and then become friends or lovers AFTER the initial sex has began and not - as with most straight relationships, later on.

Some people end up not having sex because they don't have a partner. That can be distressing for some people. Not only might they miss the physical pleasure of sexual activity, but they may also be lonely.

Sexuality and Spirituality Celibacy or sexuality. Both are as valid as each other. Neither has more power then the other and neither is to be demeaned as unworthy when they are actually both the same. Black and white are the same thing - just opposites. Hot and cold are the same thing - just opposites. Sexuality was always seen as a sin by a fucked up church trying to deny the pleasures of the flesh from their priests as it was understood how much confusion, anger, fights, divorce and so many negative energies are in play when sex is involved and if you take sex out of the equation, the load is lightened.

It was also known by the early church just how spiritually powerful sexuality was for men and women and so damned and destroyed the knowledge and the ancient beliefs surrounding sex and filled us with brainwashing clap trap about the dangers and the woes and nothing at all about the pleasures and the spiritual enlightenment that can be gained and 'The Original Sin;' was seen as sex - because Eve eat the apple after being told not to and a women defied a male husband and a male God head and did what she wanted anyway ( and men have lived with that decision making independence ever since .)

Sex is something of beauty that has sadly been so distorted and made evil, twisted and wrong by those living in fear of sex, and then we are belittled for wanking and people put you down with - 'Wanking is for teenagers' and the damage that causes many through guilt is astounding.

Overall, there’s very little risk of contracting an STI or STD. There’s still some degree of risk for those who practice forms of outercourse that include genital contact.

There’s little-to-no risk of unintended pregnancy.

It may reduce the amount of money spent on joining various web sites and spending a fortune impressing someone in the hopes of getting your leg over.

No more frustrated nights going home alone after a night out where you have not ' scored.'

It may provide space for you to get to know your partner outside of sexual activity.

It may help you further understand the difference between physical and emotional attraction.

It may free up more time to focus on your career, friendships, or family.

It certainly will allow hours of extra time each week while not on grinder / tinder and any of the plethora of sex based web sites and I think we can all agree to wasting too much time on these when we could be doing something else more rewarding in the long run.

Until that day, I shall enjoy my body for what God and Mother Nature intended and not some ideology that is a man made construct to enable control by those higher up to keep you lower down and under their control and at 67, I still enjoy a healthy sex life even if because of Covid, not as hectic...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with celibacy and it is to be celebrated as another journey just as meat eaters and vegies are both viable lifestyles.





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