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China: WeChat bans LGBT+ students

China: WeChat bans LGBT+ students

WeChat, a major social media platform in China, plays a vital role in community building for LGBT+ people in China. But now, WeChat banned dozens of accounts run by Chinese LGBT+ student groups in universities. The platform just said the student groups had "violated" internet regulations, with no further details.

John Bellamy Comments: I am forever stunned at the thoughtlessness, the arrogance and the uncaring attitude so many gay men in the western world have concerning the LGBT world and those we share it with,- many who have a really hard time in their own home countries in simply being LGBT. Whe I was a sex worker I met and fucked with scores of Arabs - some from within the Royal family of Saudi - who were very eager cock suckers and butt fuckers and anything and everything - dirtier and sleazier the better, sometimes with men and women but comonly, with men and yet when they flew home - suddenly they became good little Muslim boys their Mother would be proud of, and I always told them that Allah can see them in England just as He does in Saudi, and it seems they were not afraid of Alah, they were more afraid of their family and the state laws that prohibit such things, and it seems man is more bothered on behalf of Alah than Alah is bothered ... and this murderous ignorance stems from blind ignorance of religion We have fought and continue to fight for equality and we have all seen how damned quickly our human rights can be withdrawn and when we look at America under Trump and Russia under Putin :- also to remind you of Poland and Hungary creating LGBTQ FREE ZONES throughout the country - Iran murdering gay men just for being gay and so many Muslim countries where homosexuality is seen as evil and people live in fear of being discovered - even in the UK where their rights are protected in law BUT NOT in Muslim law, and many fear reprisals from their loving family who will murder rather than have a gay in the family and many have been brutally killed by parents and siblings - ' to save honour ' - and I do wonder what honour there is in prison for murdering your own child because they were gay. What honour is there in that ? Does it make you proud to kill your child and deny him or her the right to live and be happy - THEIR WAY - or are you as the parent so devoutly religious that you NEVER - EVER go against a single word of the Koran - never ever - and so kill your child because the Koran tells you to ?????????

But then, doesn't the Koran outlaw murder ? We must all be aware to help others less fortunate than ourselves so


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