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Christians against satellites - how dumb can anyone get

I am really uncertain if I need to say anything here - or not.

I really think you all MUST HAVE more common sense than these Christians.

I consider a child of 5 to have more sense in reality than the people who actually believe this.

And there I was thinking the Flat Earthers were bonkers and without merit.

Here are some people who - obviously - are one step ahead of the Flat Earthers in their assumptions listed here.

An Omnipotent Being - God - that can create the Heavens and the Earth;- can create all of animal kind and the wind and the rain; - creates trillions of planets and holds government over billions of people on Planet Earth as well as the entire universe - and yet cannot get a clear visual or a clear listening line to Earth because of a few hundred satellites.

These satellites block our prayers to God ?


Our prayers are deflected and God doesn't receive them ? Satan uses this to his / her advantage ? God cannot watch us because of all the flotsum in space.

Jesus cannot return because we have cluttered his journey with all this trash in space.

Flight paths of Angels are being blocked ? In all honesty, I thought this had to be some stupid joke but sadly, it seems it is not and there are Christians complaining about satellites in this manner and that absolutely makes then the laughing stock as WTF can take them seriously.


If you know anything else as dumb as this, please share with us here.

It is definately good for a laugh.


As soon as I send this newsletter out, I get answers straight away and the speed some of you reply is amazing.



John: Spoke with friends in America when visiting recently and the wife is a Flat Earther and while her husband was not, her argument was absurd and she just could not - would not - listen and learn and garner some facts. She knew what she knew and that was that. End of discussion.

That level of ignorance is being taught to her 3 daughters and 1 son and all are being groomed - GROOMED - by this misguided flat earther. Her husband fights against it all but gives in as she is persistant and those poor kids are laughed at at school and ridiculed by their peers and Mommy Dearest does not care. Jack


How amazing is that. What amazing timing. I have just returned from an 18 month sabatical where I toured all over the USA and Canada with my partner in a giant motor home / camper, and we actually visited the Flat Earth Museum in Newfoundland, Canada.

It's not very big and has all sorts of models and diagrams and pictures proving the world is flat and I never once spoke against as they had guns - - need I say more - - but the absurdity, the foolishness and the blatant lack of using ones own eyes - was staggering. I was actually told that a plane that flies from England to Australia actually flies in a straight line and how the earth does not curve as the plane does not need to curve in flight to make allowances for the earth being round at all and that it flies straight. Stating that because the plane is teeny tiny compared to the size of the earth was not an argument they were willing to listen to so I said a lot of ' Oh really - How interesting - Good point.' and wondered if they realised I thought them all fuck wits. Educated - but absolute fuck wits.

Jacob M.


Never heard of the Flat Earthers so went and looked it up. Seems a bit cooky to me. -- Thanks for introducing me to yet another weird and some might say - wonderful - colourful existance of some humen beings. Matt S.


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