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To win a fabulous weekend for 2 here at Hamilton Hall some time next year. BB&EM. Winner will be announced before Christmas.

1. Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?

a) Turkey

b) Christmas Island

c) America

d) Germany

2. How many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol and who are they ?

a) Four. Tom, Dick, Harry and Colin

b) Four: Former business partner Jacob Marley, and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

c) Barbra, Celine, Shirley and Whitney

d) The four horseman of the apocalypse

3. In Home Alone, where are the McCallisters going on holiday when they leave Kevin behind ?

a) Clapham Common

b) Paris

c) Hamilton Hall

d) Watford

4. Which country did eggnog originate ? a) Britain b) Germany c) America d) Norway

5. How many gifts were given in total in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' song?

a) 364

b) 463

c) 443

d) 666

6. What year did Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ come out? a) 1999

b) 2001

c) 1994

d) 1955

7. In which Christmas movie does Tom Hanks play 6 of the characters? a) White Christmas

b) The Polar Express c) Santa & the Polar Bears d) Snow White and the 6 dwarfs

8. In which country is it tradition to eat KFC for Christmas dinner ? a) Japan b) America, but breakfast, lunch AND dinner and all meals in between. c) Germany d) Denmark

9. In the movie Love Actually, which character sang ‘Christmas Is All Around’ ? a) Mr. Dingle Dangler - Hugh Grant b) Biggust Dickus - Ewan Mcgregor c) Billy Mack, - Bill Nighy d) Billy Piper – Billy Piper

10. How many of Rudolph's fellow reindeers' names start with 'D' ? a) Three: Dildo, Divine & Dangler b) Three: Duchess: Dikey & Delicious c) Three: Dancer, Dasher, Donner. d) Three: Dancer, Dastardly & Donnerkebab

11. What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding ? a) Fuck all b) 5 gold rings c) A coin / sixpenny piece d) The Good Fairy

12. Which city has been donating Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree to London every year since 1947 ?

a) Oslow, Norway

b) Stockholm, Sweden

c) Belfast, Ireland

d) Dubai

13. If you’re born on Christmas day, what’s your star sign?

a) Virgo b) Christian

c) Capricorn

d) Taurus

14. What is the best-selling Christmas single of all time? a) We Three Queens b) Silent Night c) Oh Holy Night d) White Christmas

15. What time is the Queen’s speech traditionally broadcast on Christmas Day?

a) When I get around to it.

b) 2pm

c) 3pm

d) 4pm

16. What colour are mistletoe berries ? a) Red b) White c) Blue d) Silver

17. What colour suit did Santa wear until Coca Cola rebranded him in red? a) White with a big red cross b) Pink with a lace trim c) Green d) Beige with red dots

18. What decoration do elves traditionally have on their shoes ? a) Red ribbons b) Holly c) 6 inch Cum Fuck Me Heels d) Bells

19. Miracle On 34th Street centres on what real-life department store ? a) Sacks 5th Avenue b) Macey’s c) Safeways d) Aldi 20. When do the 12 days of Christmas start ? a) Christmas Eve b) Christmas Day c) Boxing Day d) December 21st

21. What fruit is traditionally put inside a Christmas stocking ? a) Hairy legs b) Orange or Tangerine c) Cock and balls d) Cranberries

22. According to tradition, when should you have your Christmas decorations down by ? a) January 5th b) January 6th c) Boxing Day d) March 13th

23. Which U.S. state was the first to declare Christmas Day an official holiday ? a) Oklahoma b) California c) New York d) Nebraska

24. What's type of tree is most commonly used for Christmas trees ? a) Mink Fir b) Sable Fir c) Rabbit Fir d) Nordmann Fir

25. In the song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' what was the gift given on the seventh day ? a) Seven Gold ( well douched out ) Rings b) Seven Maids a Sucking c) Seven Swans a Swimming d) Seven Inches of Hard Cock


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